Microsoft Hints at Windows 8 and Xbox One App Compatibility in the Future. Was it inspired by the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 Free-to-Play Poker Games?

The Xbox One and Windows 8 are two of the hottest gaming assets by Microsoft right now. The first one is one of the most anticipated (and criticized) gaming consoles to hit the shelves this holiday season. Meanwhile, Windows 8 is among the fastest-rising operating systems for PCs, having surpassed Vista in terms of sales, according to a Net Applications report. At the E3 Conference in Los Angeles last month, Microsoft centred their discussion on the future of these two products. The multinational software company introduced a number of exclusive titles for the new Xbox console. Among these titles are The Witcher 3, Battlefield 4, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and Dead Rising 3. While many Xbox One followers expressed delight about the launching of such games, PC gamers cried unfair because the titles are not available on Windows 8 desktops and laptops.

To those who have the same sentiment, there’s a chance for you to have those titles on both the Xbox One and Windows 8 platform very soon. At the same event, Microsoft hinted that in the near future, the Xbox One could finally run Windows 8 apps. In his speech, Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism group Vice President Steve Guggenheimer explained that since “Xbox One has two engines; it’s got a gaming engine and it essentially has a Windows 8 engine. We’ve known since the console’s reveal that the Xbox One runs on a Windows kernel, but we weren’t sure how much the console relied on the Windows 8 architecture.” According to Slash Gear, the Microsoft official also said that building Windows 8 applications are the most relevant thing to do when aiming to get a head start in Xbox One game development.

If the proposed unification system pushes through, the Xbox One will not be the first Microsoft console that will work closely with a Windows operating system. This concept has been applied before to the Xbox 360 and Windows 8. Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that free-to-play World Series of Poker: Full House Pro will now be available on both gaming platforms. The poker games will also come with Xbox Live support to allow players compete online. Microsoft made this move not only to make PC experience a lot more exciting but also counter the rise of online poker and casino games on mobile devices. Personal computers and boxed consoles are currently losing to mobile devices. Among the most played games on mobile is poker. Many people turn to poker because the games there are easier to play as compared to the titles in the Xbox. Some online poker games are even more appealing because they also offer players the chance to win cash.

Compatible Xbox One and Windows 8 apps will play a big role in Microsoft’s aim to rule the gaming world. Windows 8 is slowly finding its identity in the operating system market. The Xbox One, though struggling due to the number of controversies it faced, is still one of the best consoles out in the industry. By adopting Windows 8 apps, there’s a big chance for the Xbox One to lure PC gamers, as well.

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