Get ready for the rush, as the Anino Games released its new exciting game app – the Manila Rush.

What’s about Manila Rush?

Manila Rush is developed by Anino Games, brings back the Filipino game app to the road of EDSA, passing each vehicle (cars, bus and jeepneys), avoiding obstacles, and grabbing those power-ups to keep up on the game.


Manila RushManila RushManila RushManila Rush,Manila RushManila RushManila Rush

Help Miguel run through the highways of Manila as he races against the clock to get to work on time. With magical flip-flops at his feet, control Miguel and make him run fast or jump high to avoid swerving cars, construction works, and other obstacles along the way. Run as far as you can go, but don’t forget to collect coins to record high scores. Miguel can also grab power-ups such as the Agila Energy Drink, Score Booster, and the Piggy Bank Coin Magnet to help him thread through the traffic easier. Are you ready to experience the hustle and bustle of Manila’s most notorious highways? Play Manila Rush now to help Miguel run further!

Run through a 3-lane highway
Encounter different types of obstacles, ranging from vehicles and road construction signs
Record even higher scores by filling up the Score Multiplier bar
Post your record score on Facebook

This app is completely FREE, available via Android and iOS.

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By Sniper

8 thoughts on “Manila Rush, Philippine made game app by Anino Games”
  1. same concept nothing new, but then again, kudos to our developer for the filipino branded game, i hope more apps start to show in future and of course with better concept.

  2. this game is worth to play for, although there are still need to patch up, to heat up and users go crazy for it. anyway good job pinoy devs.

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