When you talk about server hosting, there is one basic question that everyone asks – Should I do it myself or should I employ someone to manage it for me? If you take the entire responsibility, it is referred to as Unmanaged Hosting and if someone else does it for you, it is called Managed Hosting.

So coming back to the main question, which should you opt for? In order to answer this question, we have to run a comparison between both types of server hosting and then understand which option suits which business model.

Let us first narrow down the aspects based on which the comparison will be made.
– Ease of Use
– Security
– Maintenance
– Pricing

Let us start with Ease of Use. When it comes to comparing these two types of server hosting, we have to first look at how easy or difficult is it to manage a server. Most individuals make the mistake of comparing a server to their home computers or laptops. While the operating system may be similar, the concept of a server is 10 times more complex than a desktop or a laptop. Hence, managed hosting becomes a necessity to manage the server. You should opt for the unmanaged option only if your blog or website is small and has a basic architecture.

Next, let us look at Security. One of the biggest necessities for every website owner or blogger is securing the contents of their blog or website. There are a number of things you have to guard against. Viruses, malwares and hacker attacks are the three broad classifications for attacks on your blog or website. If you opt for an unmanaged hosting service, the entire responsibility will fall on your shoulders. In contrast, a managed hosting service will ensure that your content is 100% secure.

Our next aspect is Maintenance. When it comes to maintaining a server, there are many different aspects involved. Every software and plug-in used by the website or blog has to be constantly updated. Plus there is the operating system which also has to be updated. If you go for unmanaged server hosting, then the service provider will only take care of the operating system. On the other hand, in the managed hosting service, the service provider will manage every single aspect of the blog or website.

Our final aspect is Pricing. This is a very contentious topic when we compare managed and unmanaged hosting. On the face of it, managed hosting service is much more expensive than an unmanaged hosting service. However, we cannot look at pricing as an individual aspect. When a service provider provides managed hosting services, they take care of all of the above aspects. On the other hand, in an unmanaged service, only the bare basic service will be provided. However, if there is some major issue, you will have to pay the provider to get it resolved. This may prove extremely expensive.

So what is the final verdict? When it comes to server hosting, we feel managed hosting is much better. However, unmanaged hosting is a viable option for startups and websites and blogs that are basic in nature and have a low traffic.

Which is the service chosen by you? Tell us, we would love to know.

About the author: Ted Garza is a professional teacher. He has worked at kindergartens in USA and abroad for most of his professional life. In his free time he likes to write texts and articles on the topics of technology and also its implementation in everyday life for different websites (for example for the Danish “server hosting UnoEuro” domain campaign). He is always excited to share and comment his views on modernity with other people interested in such discussions.

*Disclosure/Disclaimer: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source (Ted Garza). Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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