Thanks for Lazada Philippines Online Shopping for giving us an opportunity to experience their services on online shopping.

For our review, I hope our readers would like to know more about Lazada Philippines Online Shopping, but first, allow us tell you our experience and review on their service.

Their website interface, from the look of it, everything stands out, the color combinations of the website catches the eye of the clients/customers.

From their homepage, you can create an account by navigating on Login.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping

From the login page, you can see the option for the Returning customers were in you can put your email and password then click Login to logon to their online shopping services. Otherwise, if you don’t have yet an account to their system, you can make an account by choosing New customer option via clicking the Continue button.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping

For creating a new account, you must input the following information such as Sex, E-mail, First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Password and Retype Password for confirmation. Click Submit if you already finish on the necessary information.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping

Congratulations! You have created an account on Lazada Philippines Online Shopping, so easy to create and get results in no time. Now, you can navigate on your Account control panel, there are several things to discover but first we need to create a Default Billing Address, where in if you have an order, they can locate your place upon the delivery order.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping

Click Address Management to start to input your default billing address. Then click Add a new address.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
From there, put the necessary contact information, it must be correct to avoid any delays or further mistakes. You don’t want your item to be delivered anywhere else place right?

After all the required fields are completed, click Save this address, to save the necessary information.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
You can add another delivery address by repeating the same process, so that if you want it to send to another place or a gift for your loved ones, then you can use this address management.

Try to discover other options like, Account Information this refers to your contact informations such as name, telephone or mobile number, etc… Address Book, for your address management. My orders refer to your current or pending orders. My wishlist, this refers to your wishlist products that you like, this can be good to refer it to your friends as a gift for you. Manage newsletter is to received newsletter directly to your email address.

All we can say about their Account Control Panel navigation simple and easy approach, which doesn’t complicates the clients/customers best interest.

Okay, let’s move to their ordering system, from the side is their category from which you can choose variety of products to fashion, sports, home and living, electronics, and others. Upon the category, there is a sub-category you would need to choose from.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
From here, we choose the category Electronics – then sub-category Audio and Music Devices, then MP3 and Media Players. We choose Apple iPod Nano 16GB as for example.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
Just click Add to Cart, to put it on your shopping cart list, from the Shopping cart you can see the Item with the corresponding Price, Estimated Delivery (usually 2-5 business days within Metro Manila and 5-10 days outside Metro Manila), Quantity, Subtotal, Shipping Fee and the Final order amount.

For the Payment Method, you can used COD (cash on delivery), Credit Card, or voucher coupon code.
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
After the necessary order has been made, click to Proceed to Checkout. If you still need to order another product then click Continue Shopping.

Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
Lazada Philippines - Online Shopping
An order confirmation number will be given after you accomplished to finalize the order. This order confirmation number is important, it reflect to your current status of your order. You can also check your email address that corresponds to your account for the finalize order and delivery status.

Our experience on their online shopping service was superb, we have a good treat on wide selection of items that you can purchase, easy navigation and very intuitive processing that you won’t miss out. Web browsing experience on their website responses as fast as our expectation to be, we don’t see any hard time or interruptions. We deserve to have our items arrived on time, as expected delivery within 2 – 5 business days (within Metro Manila).

With just simple clicks, you can get your order, without any hassle and worries! 😀
We hope you visit and enjoy as much as we do love online shopping at Lazada Philippines.

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, logos, images has respective copyrights.

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Lazada Philippines – Online Shopping

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By Ella

11 thoughts on “Lazada Philippines Online Shopping Experience and Review”
  1. not with me, it was my first time to order at Lazada, but the mosquito killer they have delivered to me was full of rust, they said it came straight from the supplier….worse i have to bring it back myself to lbc and shoulder the cost of return, once they received the item, that’s the time they will reimburse you the money and the cost you paid for the shipping…what a hassle, unlike in Zalora they do deliver and pick up returns without a cost.

    1. Delivery will takes only 2-5 days? I purchased the items last oct 23 pa.. Why until now nov 22 wala pa din? Too bad.. 🙁
      Here’s my order number #200073123 maybe you can help to follow it up? Kakapagod makipag usap sa customer service nila then wala namang nangyayari.. 🙁

  2. i think depends on the product quality control and also depends people involved in the delivery… in my case got the product on time, in good condition.

  3. good price, good delivery and service. hindi ko masabi kung 100 percent but im sure there is a reason bakit may delay ang delivery.

  4. I want to try Lazada , Gusto ko sanang bumili ng BOOKS doon dahil meron available sa Lazada na hindi Available sa National Bookstore pero hindi ko alam kung paano mag Bayad dito dahil 14 years old palang ako. Please.. Help me. Okay ba yung CASH ON DELIVERY?

  5. LAZADA is selling a much much higher price compare to other online shops. I bought digital cam worth 17K – cash on delivery . When i checked other online shops its only 13K +++.

  6. i always browse at Lazada nagagandahan po kasi ako sa mga item nila. I think i wanna try to shop lazada.

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