How to use Konradp – Windows Auto Shutdown Software

I search from the web related to Automatic Shutdown Software for Windows, the results brought me to this:
Konradp – Auto Shutdown Software Official Site

Good thing about this one, you won’t need to setup and do the old fashion way of typing to command prompt or make a shortcut icon. Just run this application for activation and minimize or hide it to run on the background.

How to use it? Simple. Download the application first and run the installer.

1. Set Time when the auto shutdown will occur or choose from the drop down menu (click the From now, in…)
Konradp - Windows Auto Shutdown Software

2. Set the action; Click the Shutdown checkbox – this will do the shutdown. Click the Force checkbox to forcibly closes all running applications (unsaved or not, this option is practically not good if you haven’t save your work especially the important one @_@)

Remind me about is an option that gives you a typical message (you can also put a sound on it by clicking the Play sound checkbox). If you chose this, the shutdown function will be disabled.




Konradp - Windows Auto Shutdown Software

3. You can Minimize (Minimize the application on the task bar), Hide (Hide entirely the Main application you can show the Main application by putting the mouse pointer to the upper left side of the Desktop Window then press Num Lock) or Exit (This will close the application, of course if the application is close, Auto Shutdown won’t work).

Try to explore its usages, then comment here if you found one interesting to share.
That’s all! I hope this guide and tips helps you out! Cheers! 😀

(Note: Microsoft (Windows XP and 7 OS) and Konradp – Auto Shutdown Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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