by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes)

Note: This also works on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Ubuntu 10.10 Marverick, not sure on other Ubuntu below versions.

I know you or some having problems on the screen resolutions while installing Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) or below versions. Possibly like 800×600 resolutions, and also the split screens giving you exact output plus an incorrect output of the screen, which is a headache. The way I see it, looking to other possible problem like the vertical and horizontal sync. The wrong vertical referesh and horizontal sync could be the problem but not the video card nor the drivers itself.

I know some of you have many trials, downloading other versions, and praying which might still workout, but it didn’t. Fortunately, I found out that the problem is not on the compatibility of Ubuntu nor on the Dell, just a little tweak on the settings of the video/screen resolution which you can found at xorg.conf on Ubuntu(I’ll give you the steps).

1. Installation of Ubuntu (Fresh installation, I know you still having problem on split screens while installation is going on, we can deal with that later.) Just manage to get the information and type it up.

Note : If you aren’t able to see the dialog box and the message clearly, just move the box to the more clear area of the screen and read and type the information that needed.

(I’m pretty sure that all the necessary drivers such as lan, sound, ear plugs and mic automatically installed, not so sure on other versions).

2. After installation, restart and you might still having problem on the login screen with the split screens(I know, I experience that too). So manage to login username and type the password. The desktop screen shows up still split screens.

3. Its time for tweaking the xorg.conf, Download this xorg.conf. Then put it up on your ubuntu desktop. (Manage it to put on your desktop. For faster results, better yet to download this to other PC or notebook/laptop. I think you would probably know what I mean.)

4. After copying or downloading the xorg.conf (by pressing F2, rename this as, Then you need the terminal, in order to do that, go to Applications>Accessories>Terminal.

5. Enter the command or type-> cd /etc/X11( X is case sensitive, must be put on uppercase letter)

e.g. cd<space>/etc/X11

6. Enter the command or type-> sudo gedit xorg.conf

e.g. sudo<space>gedit<space>xorg.conf

Note: It will ask for the root/admin password, so just type it up. Then click Display or Open. (Whatever, which you can view/edit the xorg.conf)

7.  At opened xorg.conf, delete or erase the contents and open the (right click and open on gedit).

8. Copy all the contents of and paste it on xorg.conf. Then Save it. Then Restart.

9. After restarted, you might think it works, but you need to activate it first (I know still split screens, please manage to go on Display Settings). To do that, go to System>Preferences>Display. Then choose resolution > 1280×1024 and refresh rate still same.

Viola! Your screen resolution reborn!

Note: I experience other results, It might look weird, like when you restart it and your in the login screen, it still split screens or incorrect resolution. Then after you get to your username and type the password, and it manage to correct resolution and the split screens is gone. ( In my opinion, I think, in the login screen, the newly config xorg.conf has not been detected or not being detected).

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