iHanapKotse launches car appreciation and quick financing
Car prices getting you down? Not sure of how much you should charge for that car you want to trade in?, the newest online marketplace to buy and sell new and used cars in the Philippines, can help you with that. Wholly dedicated to car buying and selling, they offer car evaluation and pricing consultation (for free!) to make sure that you are getting the most value for your money.

Key Features
Quick Car Financing – regardless of car make and model, new or used, iHanapKotse proudly boasts of its lowest rates in the metro for quick car financing. How quick, you ask? Less than 48 hours, that’s how quick.

Free car listing – unlike other websites, iHanapKotse offers free unlimited car listing all the way. All premium features are available to everyone with no charge.

Customized customer experience – just a phone call away, you get a full on service that starts from helping you choose the car that suits your lifestyle down to getting it financed.

Customized dealership experience – they don’t just value buyers, they value the dealers as well. Their team of car listers will personally take photos of the car/s to be sold, update the website, and request for status updates to make sure buyers won’t be asking to buy cars that have already been sold.

Growing Car Database – with partnerships being developed daily, iHanapKotse has an extensive, ever growing car database that can be easily filtered down to specific information thanks to their detailed search box.

iHanapKotse initially started out with the need for car information dissemination. The Average Joe will probably only have a budget and a car in mind, but won’t really know the intricacies of the value of a car depending on its model, make, year, mileage, engine, and so on. Before you make the blunder of buying a reasonably cheap car without knowing it’s worth the value being sold for, why not go to someone knowledgeable about car appreciation?  And at no cost, you have nothing to lose and an informed decision to gain.

While it is relatively new and not yet big on the local market, its many features and customer-driven attitude makes it a very promising up-and-coming site.

*Disclosure: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source (iHanapKotse). iHanapKotse Logos / Photos / Images has respective copyrights.

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