Unveiling the HTC One in PH, April 2013 – Specs and Features would be hit to the consumers?
by: Alodia Phan
HTC One by Jcyberinux(Note: For those readers who already read the title/section: HTC One landed on the Philippines shore, June 2013 – i mistakenly put a wrong month, i’m very sorry about that… kindly disregard it… thanks for staying and hoping to deliver more accurate news next time.)
Do you hear the news? That HTC One already arrived here in the Philippines. Yup! That’s right, the HTC One already in our Philippines shore and ready to explode its new Smartphone features and specs.

The days passed quickly, since it’s been announced last February, the HTC One was here and our long waiting is over.

Would you think be the price of the HTC One Smartphone? The Philippine market price still unknown, but in other countries, price ranges from 24k and up, depends on location/market/store.

The more important question would be? Does the consumer would prefer this Smartphone, or willing to wait for other Smartphone to arrive? Does the mobile network carrier like Globe and Smart, would be package this Smartphone to their plan? We will sure to find out soon!

HTC One by Jcyberinux
Find out more about the HTC One Gallery-Images/Features/Technical Specification (click here)

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