HP Photosmart Printer/Scanner I cannot see the JPEG or .JPG files, where does it goes? what is HPIMAGE.VFS file doing on my removable media? Can I delete it?

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

HP Photosmart Printer C7280 All-in-one Printer scans then I put the USB removable media as a destination location to save the scan file, but suddenly with unusable HPIMAGE.VFS file include which I cannot open.

How can to prevent this from happening? Very simple task to fix the issue.

1. NOTE: In all HP Photosmart Printer C7280 All-in-one Printer, or some HP Printer with scanners and removable media (if I’m correct), have this setting called “Faster Browsing”.

What is a Faster Browsing or Faster Photo Browsing? It creates a small thumbnails (just like in Windows Explorer) to the memory card or USB removable media. The thumbnails take up a relatively small amount of space and are used to speed up the browsing performance of the photos on the removable media or memory card.

2. How to disable it so that it won’t create a HPIMAGE.VFS file?

Press Setup

Then go towards Preferences, using arrow buttons to navigate. Then Press OK.

Then go to Enable Faster Browsing, Then Press OK.

Then from there, you may select OFF to disable it or ON to enable it, then pressing OK button to take effect.

Delete the HPIMAGE.VFS file in the removable media then try again to scan, this time there won’t be any HPIMAGE.VFS file.

3. Where does the JPEG or .JPG Scan files goes?

You can found the scanned file on the DCIM folder created by the HP Printer/Scanner.


I hope this information helps you a lot. Cheers! 😀

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