How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N
By: Alodia Phan (

(Note: This walkthrough is tested on Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N, used this tutorial on your own risk, I’m not held responsible for any loss or damage it will do. This tutorial provided with your responsibility that can void the warranty of your phone.)

Requirements :
PC / Laptop / Netbook /Notebook
Alcatel Android Manager PC Suite (for Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N)
*Enable USB Debugging Mode on the Alcatel Android Phone
*Disable any AntiVirus Software Installed on your system, as noted, for some reasons; it blocks the operation on rooting.
*Unplug any USB Devices except and only Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N can be plug-in on the USB slot during rooting process

First Trial of Rooting your Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N is by using Super One Click

1. Download Alcatel Android Manager PC Suite click here. (For enabling the drivers needed on the rooting operations). Then Install it on your PC/Netbook. (Steps on Installation of Alcatel Android Manager PC Suite click here)

2. Download SuperOneClick v2.3.3 click here. Unzip / extract the to specified directory.
How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N by Jcyberinux

3. Connect Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N on your PC/Netbook by using your microUSB.

4. Launch the SuperOneClick by clicking the application launcher. Click Root. Allow to Install BusyBox. Wait until it finish. Then a message will prompt that your phone is successfully rooted.
How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N by Jcyberinux

5. If not successful and the process stuck at Step 7, try the following:

Try to install: PdaNet, for some reasons, it needs the drivers requires on your rooting. Then after you install it, try to root it again.

Another step: Disable any Anti-virus Software on PC/Netbook and also on Alcatel Android Phone.

Check for some updates: Like ADB Drivers. On SuperOneclick check its updates by going to option Advanced then Check Update. Then also check your Alcatel Android Phone if the USB debugging is enabled. Then try again to root the phone.

If all fails, try this software Unlock Root click here then follow the instructions below.

Second Trial of Rooting your Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N is by using Unlock Root

1. Download Unlock Root then install it. Please check your Alcatel Android Phone if the USB Debugging mode is enabled. To turn it on, go to Settings > Applications > Development and check the box.

2. Connect the Alcatel Android Phone to your PC/Netbook using microUSB cable.

3. Click Unlock Root then wait until it finish. It will give you a message that the Root is successful.
How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N by Jcyberinux

Again, if all fails, the last resort is the hard way of rooting the Alcatel Android Phone.

(Note: Use this instructions on your own risk, I’m not held responsible for any loss or damage it will do.)

Third Trial of Rooting your Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N

Go to this thread – xda developers – How to root Alcatel 918N (HARD WAY) when Superoneclick and Unlockroot fails – click here. (From there, follow the instructions CAREFULLY).

I hope this helps you out on rooting your Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N. Cheers! 😀

FAQ: Why root Android Phones? Because to maximize the usage of the Android Smartphones. You can install custom ROMS, other Non-Market Apps, use ChainFire3D for better gaming experiences, V6 Supercharger, maximize usage of memory/RAM, etc… But it voids the warranty of the phone. 😀

(Note: Alcatel One Touch Logo/Images have a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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99 thoughts on “How to Root Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N”
    1. i’m not sure mate, but i think in other forums (maybe they have), so keep in mind the requirements and also speficications on custom roms and also the risk factor of doing it. 😀

      1. Sir, ano po ba makukuha natin out from rooting? Sounds new kasi sa akin yan ehh and i’m kinda naive when it comes to techy stuff. hehe. I appreciate if you could respond to my inquiry. Have a good day!

  1. thanks for the clear tutorial bro. got mine Alcatel One Touch Glory OT-918N rooted using the 1st step on 1st try.

    do you have some tips on upgrading this to android ICS?.

    Thanks, thanks 🙂

    1. hello there, we havent tried the Android Ice Cream Sandwich but i think it should be custom firmware… we will try to find out that suggestion… 😀 thanks!

  2. I tried both process many times
    couldnt root my Alcatel Mix OT-918N

    the superoneclick stops working in step 7 even after doing everything the tutorial says

    and second process also failed.

    PLZ help anyone

  3. I tried and it was successfully rooted in one try.. NOW WHAT? how am I going to use this root phones? any tutorial?

  4. Sir, Hindi po ba ma brick yung phone ng alcatel 918n? Na try napo nyo? TAKOT ako eh. :))

      1. But not responding yung superoneclick?
        Na try moba yung ibang software pang root?

          1. Root kuna yung alcatel 918 ko HARDWAY lang. :)) Hindi gumana yung OVERCLOCK. :))

    1. i got the same phone i tried rooted and i got it right for the 1st time by following bluerains steps but after that i got problems with my phone. i lost my play store and my phone start acting strange. It reboot repeatedly and it stuck in android logo.i think i wipe all custom recovery. I brought my phone back to sun and they endorse my phone into a service center. The service tried to save and recover my custom recovery but they were not able to recover. The technician whos incharge said that their going to return it in the main office of alcatel in manila. Right now i’m still waiting for the result of my phone coz the main office is going to diagnose it. Hope it wont gonna void my warranty. A piece of advice for those who want to root their phone it is good to root your phone but as what the author said in this blog take it as in your own risk. You may brick your phone just like mine. Make up your mind read the instructions carefully.

  5. hey dude. when im trying to root my phone it always said that it failed to get shell root. im using alcatel glory! thanks in advange. hope u can help me.

  6. i tried the unlock root but it prompts “failed to get shell root” what should be done? thanks.

    1. i have same problem bro if u find any other method for rroting idea smart phone
      plz help me bro thankssssssssssss,,,,,,

  7. When i clicked superoneclick.exe it only says “superoneclick has stopped working” what am i doing wrong? im using windows 7.

  8. Hi! This is pretty informative! I’ve been reading up on different articles about rooting cause I want to remove factory-installed apps on my Alcatel Glory 918n. Rooting’s the first step right? And, do the 3 methods allow Unrooting?

    Thanks in advance!

  9. Ok po ba kapag nag root ako then gusto ko i unroot tapos i root nakin ulit? using hardway ?

  10. i’m having problems doing the hard root I’ve already download all the necessary drivers and extracted them in one folder . My phone is fully charged and I turned it off , but when I connect it to my laptop no icons or pop-ups appear for me to manually update the driver . How can this be fixed ? Is it okay to proceed with the steps and just ignore my phone being unnoticed by my laptop or are there any other ways ? Furthermore , when I tried launching the flash_tool.exe I’m getting an error that EBOOT.DLL IS NOT INSTALLED IN MY COMPUTER ? tried to reinstall the program and open it again but still the problem persists.. What shall I do ? I’ve already tried the first and second method of rooting to no avail .. Thanks

      1. hi! i have the same problem.. when i plug in my phone, nothing pops up to enable me update the driver manually.. what to do? i’ve already tried superoneclick and unlockroot, and both failed.. the “hard way” is my last option but im stuck on the first procedure.. 🙁
        help! 🙁

  11. Hi.. I tried following the First and Second Steps..
    First Step: SuperOneClick stops at ‘Shell rooting device… Step#7’, and says that it is not responding.
    Second Step: Unlock Root shows “failed to get shell root”

    Is there any way that I could follow the first and second step WITHOUT following the Hard Way (Third Step)?

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. try the hard way, thats the possible answer we can offer you. we also experience the same thing and the only thing we can do is try the hard way.

  12. Sir why do we need to root thw phone? Whats thw use of it?
    and if all method fail? What will happen to the phone.?

  13. I’ve already tried all.. first procedure… I always stuck on step 7.. I tried unroot also failed.. tried the last procedure but still failed.. What should I do guys? Please help me, btw I install and follow all procedures and steps but still failed.

  14. I tried the hard way po and get this error:
    EBOOT ERROR: (16008)
    [Android] Partition size changed!

    Partial images download error
    The following partitions must be down FULL downloaded all together

  15. is rooting the solution to my problem?kasi i want to uninstall some unnecessary phone apps kasi bumabagal phone ko dahil almost 10mb nlng ntitira kong memory s phone bcoz some apps can’t be installed on my microsd memcard. pls help me. thanks

    1. there are apps would still retain on the system/internal memory of the phone even you transfer it on the sd memory. the only thing you can do is to minimize the usage of memory apps. that is the downside of the alcatel glory 918n.

  16. is there any differences for alcatel blaze duo ot-918n and alcatel glory 918n because i have a alcatel that is blaze duo but the package box is glory

  17. Hello,
    Thanks for the tutorial, my phone is idea 3g smartfone, model is alcatel one touch 918N, tried all the 3 methods and here are the results :
    superoneclick doesn’t respond at step 7 if I wait for some time it says END2736 blah blah
    unlock root says that it failed to get shell root
    I even tried hard way, at last when it gives me 15 sec to attach phone to pc via usb cable, it starts and says phone not found.
    Please tell me what should I do, I want to root my phone asap!

  18. Does the phone need to be turned on or need the phone to be on the recovery mode ‘Hold power and volume up before proceeding?

    1. I dunno, tried it while it was on, I also tried some rooting apps like zroot, universal androot. Are there any other rooting apps

  19. I followed all steps to a T. none of them worked. Another friend who has the same phone said when he got his alcatel the 1st time Sun released it, he rooted it no problems, he had to return it i think last month or 2 since it got broken but after he got it back, he couldn’t root it like before.

    I just got this phone this month and was wondering if Sun did any updates to prevent it from being rooted.

  20. if i failed on both first 2 steps then decided not to root it anyways (tired of reading opt.3) does it damages my phone?

  21. man how long did you wait for that step 7 to respond? how will i now if its stocked i there or its just reading and i should wait a bit more….

      1. i tried opt 3 but in intalling the devices software it says unplugged device.. then the installation fails. what should i do?

    1. Actually it says, “ShellExecuteEx failed; code 5. Access is denied.” I wonder what’s wrong. Can anyone help?

  22. still having problems.. got stuck on step 7…

    what should i do?

    i also try it to another computer 64bit/win7 and 32bit/xp

    but the result was the same.

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