How to open, extract and convert .SPB file extension to .VCF and .CSV file extension using Samsung Kies

What is SPB file extension?
The .SPB file extension (came along with the BAK file extension .ECSV file extension) is a Samsung Kies phone contact library. Samsung Kies is a software that used to communicate within a PC to Samsung Mobile Phone or Smartphone. Samsung Kies can sync/import/export/backup the contents of your Samsung Mobile Phone such as Phone Contacts, Messages, etc…

The .spb file extensions contains the list of phone contacts, you can open and extract it, if you have a Samsung Kies installed on your computer. There is a practical guideline on how to manually convert the .spb to .vcf / .csv file extension.

Here it is on how to you can save/convert the .spb to .vcf or .csv file extension:

1. Open your Samsung Kies software, if you don’t have one yet click here.
Samsung Kies - How to Open SPB file format and convert it to CSV and VCF

2. Open your saved *.spb file, then select all contacts.
Samsung Kies - How to Open SPB file format and convert it to CSV and VCF

3. Click SAVE AS, to save the file in .VCF or .CSV file format.
Samsung Kies - How to Open SPB file format and convert it to CSV and VCF

4. Create a directory called Contacts, and then browse on that directory, then save it.
(Note: If the file type doesn’t give you an option to save as VCF/CSV file, don’t worry, all you need is to manually type it. For example: mycontacts.vcf)

5. Locate the Contacts containing *.vcf file.

6. Connect your Samsung Device (or Android Smartphone) to PC and copy the directory (Contacts) in to the Phone SD memory card

7. Unmount/Disconnect your Samsung device from the PC.

8. Select the Contact icon from your mobile phone and then Press left key (for Samsung Mobile Phone) or Press Menu Key (for Samsung Android Smartphone and other Android Phone) and select Import Contacts then choose from Internal/Phone SD card.

Still having problem?, for more effective results, you can download the latest Samsung Kies at their Official Site – click here.

(Note: Samsung (Samsung Galaxy Grand) and Android OS, Apps Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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