How to erase or format my Sony PSP Memory Stick directly in my PSP Gaming Console

I often ask by some friends and kids who own their PSP Gaming Console; How do I format my Sony PSP Memory Stick. Because when I try to access or to put music files on it, it needs to be format. The Memory Stick cannot be read. Kindly Help me!

You can erase/format Sony PSP Memory Stick Duo directly in the Sony PSP Gaming Console

1. If you’re not in the Home Screen yet, press the little HOME button then select Yes to return on the Home Screen.

2. Then next, go to SETTINGS (use the left and right arrow keys to navigate and find it), then find SYSTEM SETTINGS (use the up and down arrow keys to navigate and find it) then select it (usually using X button).

3. Then from there, go find Format Memory Stick then select it.

4. It will ask you to confirm the format; Do you want to format the memory stick? select Yes to confirm.

5. Another verification on the process of format; All data on the memory stick will be deleted. are you sure you want to continue? Select Yes to confirm and begin the format process.

Please wait while format is on process. Formatting do not turn off. After that, it will prompt format completed.

Now you able to used your Memory Stick without problems. If you’re aren’t able to used it and still having problems, it might the Memory Stick is corrupted or/and damaged. You need to change it.

Feel free to comment here if you found one interesting to share or your own experience. That’s all! I hope this guide and tips helps you out! Cheers! 😀

(Note: Sony(PSP) Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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