SOLUTION: Fix the Grub is Missing, by Restore/Repair/Reinstall the Grub 2 using Ubuntu Live CD


For Ubuntu Desktop Users especially with Unity GUI.

If you install an Ubuntu Debian OS, and so happen you have a NTFS file system or Windows partition drives, and upon the boot up, suddenly, an error appears on the screen sounds like this: grub is missing! This can be fixed by using Ubuntu Live CD to restore the Grub 2.


(Note: For this event you may need an internet connection, in case of need to install or download available updates on your Ubuntu OS. You may also need a copy of Ubuntu Live CD)


To get started, you need a tool to know which drive is mounted for the boot menu. Usually it is Ext4 Partition drive, used Gparted.

(Note: For using sudo command or root permission, It will ask for an administration password, or your own account password, type it and press enter key.)




If you are a familiar with Terminal, you can type: sudo apt-get install gparted.
Type sudo gparted to launch the application. Click here to know more about Gparted and its usages.

1. After identifying the local drive where the partition of ubuntu installed, used the Terminal and then type the following command:

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt

(Note: sda1 is an example wherein ubuntu partition installed)

2. Bind the directories this also needs to be access and detect other OS in order to reinstall grub. At the Terminal and type the following command:

sudo mount –bind /dev /mnt/dev && sudo mount –bind /dev/pts /mnt/dev/pts && sudo mount –bind /proc /mnt/proc && sudo mount –bind /sys /mnt/sys

3. After that, type: sudo chroot /mnt

4. After the chroot, we can now update and reinstall the grub. To do this, type the following command:

grub-install /dev/sda and grub-install –recheck /dev/sda

(Note: sda is an example of a local drive for the grub 2 will be reinstalled/restore.)

5. After that, type: update-grub

6. Everything is now return and update, it’s about time to exit/unmount chroot system. At the Terminal and type the following command:

exit && sudo umount /mnt/dev && sudo umount /mnt/dev/pts && sudo umount /mnt/proc && sudo umount /mnt/sys && sudo umount /mnt

7. Restart your computer, unplug/remove the Ubuntu Live CD and watch as you grub boot menu loads up.

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