What is nofollow or dofollow? How to find out if the link is a dofollow or nofollow?

As you observed the web pages, from the hyperlinks, you may find the “rel” attributes. From there, you may often ask what is rel=”nofollow” or rel=”dofollow” actually do. The rel attribute from the hyperlink is simply tells you the relationship of the current document or page you at, from the hyperlinked document or page.

It usually used when the href attribute is used on the hyperlink. As you observed, there are some usage of rel attribute, like, rel=”media”, rel=”external” and so on.

The rel=”nofollow” simply saying that don’t follow this link. Otherwise, if rel=”dofollow” exist on the page, it will be followed by the bot or crawler when its indexed.

Where to use it? Why we need to use it?
DoFollow – external links the original source of the said document or page and also related content. You may also want to dofollow high quality websites such as good quality blogs or websites and a like.

NoFollow – In some particular cases, like comment section of the website (due to in need of spam control), unrelated content link, casino, gambling, pornography link sites and a like.

Why the used dofollow link? Simple, because the external links from the different websites, points to your website, has something to do with SEO or index ranking. About SEO you can find more info in Google Search 🙂

How to know if a link is a dofollow or nofollow?
In Google Chrome or Firefox web browser, you can check the website hyperlinks by pressing right-click of the mouse from the hyperlink then click Inspect Element.
How to find if the nofollow and dofollow on rel attribute
You can also try View Page Source, then press CTRL+F, the find the attribute rel=”nofollow” or rel=”dofollow”.
How to find if the nofollow and dofollow on rel attribute
You can also install extension from your web browser, like in Google Chrome, NoFollow extension. After you install this NoFollow extension, you will see a red doted box or red a mark on hyperlinked text or image, simply it tells you that this link has nofollow.
How to find if the nofollow and dofollow on rel attributeHow to find if the nofollow and dofollow on rel attribute

Same goes with Firefox, you can install Hover Nofollow extension and then after you install and restart Firefox, you instantly see if the link is dofollow or nofollow. Green box tells you that the link is dofollow, while red box is nofollow.
How to find if the nofollow and dofollow on rel attribute

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