Herbal and Medical Technology
Despite the fact that our world is perfectly dependent on technology, we can’t still hide the mere fact that we are still holding on to our herbal medicines. Herbal medicines are from some parts of a chosen plants that turn into tea, tablet, juice, powder etc.  Some people think that using herbal is such a pathetic action for its not prescribed by their doctors.  But world can’t really hide the fact that natural or let us say, the traditional medicine can still as effective as ever even today. One of the evidence of these is that China, India, Nigeria, United States of America (USA) and World Health Organization (WHO) are actually made a substantial research investments in herbal medicine.  The Industry invested millions of US dollars to find a promising herbs and novel chemical compounds which is still a small amount compare to modern medicine. China, one of the most powerful countries nowadays used herbal medicine as defense against the global health threat way back in the year 2003 which is the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

According to some companies, their medicine is stronger compare to herbal medicine which is a fact. Too strong that may lead to numerous side effects that should not be present if you used herbal medicines. I’m not saying that pharmaceutical medicine are bad but rather investing and trying a herbal medicine is not the worst possible idea that can ever cross your mind.
Herbal is the best? Well, maybe, maybe not. However, lot of studies made it proven that herbal medicine perform better than the prescribed medicine.  Some example of these is that ginger has been proven its superiority compared to pharmaceutical dimenhydrinate in motion sickness. Also, some studies in Europe showed that St. John’s wort has proven as good as synthetics for mild to moderate depression. Gingko biloba proved its effectiveness  compared to the first approved synthetic for Alzheimer’s.

See? Herbal medicine means helping your body in a natural way. It is cheaper, more effective and safer compared to pharmaceuticals. For more information about herbal medicine visit these website(s)reh herbal or kings herbal

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