If you want to see another luxury Android Smartphone like Vertu Constellation, then this will be another jaw dropping price within its elegance and toughness, the Gresso Radicdal R1.

Gresso Radical R1

How expensive it is? The Gresso Radicdal R1 maybe not as expensive as Vertu Constellation, but still the price tag said to be luxurious (in US Dollars $1,800) and (in Philippine Pesos – over Php 77K+).

Gresso Radical R1

So what does the Smartphone to be that expensive? The case and the rear cover are well made within solid titanium (grade 5) plate that widely used in aerospace industry. Titanium case machining takes time and labor (hard material is executed within 9 hours at high-tech equipment), and because of that, the product is made on high quality titanium and value. The Titanium case can hold on mechanical stress conditions such as compression and bending. Overall finished touch to manually polish the Smartphone takes around 4 hours. The Gresso logo is manually polished at the front of the Smartphone.

Gresso Radical R1Gresso Radical R1Gresso Radical R1Gresso Radical R1

Titanium Sensor keys are also fully made on titanium that makes the Smartphone goes to look like “I AM IRON MAN”. The product said to be limited to 999 pieces and the individual number is engraved on the rear panel case. Another cost to be add if the consumer wants the Gresso logo to be white or yellow gold on it (which makes additional payment for at least $500).

Gresso Radical R1

Size: 138 х 69 х 12 mm
Weight: 219 g
OS Android 4.1.2
Processor: quad-core, 1.2 GHz
Display: 4.5-inch touchscreen QHD, 245ppi
Screen resolution: 960 x 540 pixels
Camera: 8.0 MP with 1080p video capture
Internal memory:36 GB
Number of SIM-cards: 2 Slots
Warranty period: 12 months

Available/Price: $1800, for no add-ons, white/yellow gold logo add at least $500 / Globally Available / Free-shipping. For more info (click here).

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  1. with that kind of price, i can buy 3-4 samsung galaxy s4. or i can have a smartphone, phablet and tablet within the price.

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