As soon as the news spread about the Google Glass will be available soon on CD-R King stores, the local and social media has different opinions and some of them are skeptical about it.

Google Glass soon on CD-R King

The poster of Google Glass in CD-R King Official Facebook Page is still in question (if it’s real or not), but the truth reveals as the CD-R King post a statement in their official facebook page.

The poster is merely a fake (Sorry guys!), whether it is intentional or not, or maybe someone might hack it, we don’t know… But all we know is that the Google Glass won’t come by in CD-R King stores.

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By Sniper

5 thoughts on “Google Glass won’t come by in CD-R King stores”
  1. hahaha… alam ko naman na hindi possible yun because google own the google glass and they need certain license for them to operate (to sell/distribute).

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