CD-R King going to sell Google Glass for real and sure deal??? Weeeh???!!! Owwsss?? Hindi nga?? Totoo ba yan?? C’mon give ’em a break yo!!! Talaga lang ha??? Seriously??? – Those are words came out to the mouth of many fans / electronic mobile consumers about CD-R King’s next upcoming Gadget to be sold in their stores.

Actually I’m avid fan of CD-R King, and to tell you the truth, I got a lot of mixed emotions: surprise, thrilled, confuse, shock, excited, name it…

Google Glass soon on CD-R King

Poster of Google Glass – CD-R King Official Facebook Page

When I see their legit poster at CD-R King Official Facebook page, I’m just can’t believe it to myself (totoo ba to o panaginip lang ba???).



As you all know, CD-R King is known as the largest and affordable media and technology provider in the Philippines. By the definition of being affordable, is capable of providing items in very budget-friendly price.

If they going to sell Google Glass in a real deal, that could be worth $1500 (in USD) or Php 65K estimated (in Philippine price tag), that wouldn’t be in a budget-friendly price for Masang Filipino right?

If they going to sell a replica of Google Glass, that could be worth a half (or lesser) from the actual price of the real deal Google Glass. Well, still not a budget-friendly, but very accommodating to those want to experience Google Glass replica by CD-R King production.


SRP Price/Availability not yet disclosed. (Another to look forward to. How bitin naman!!!)


Why so expensive naman? – In case you don’t know about Google Glass, check out the details here: (Wikipedia Google Glass – click here) and (Google Glass Videos – click here).

Google Glass Technical specifications:
Android 4.0.4 and higher
640×360 Himax HX7309 LCoS display
5-megapixel camera, capable of 720p video recording
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
micro USB
16GB storage (12 GB available) / can be synced with Google Cloud Storage
Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SoC 1.2Ghz Dual-Core
1GB of RAM (user available – 682MB of RAM)
3 axis gyroscope
3 axis accelerometer
3 axis magnetometer
Ambient light sensing and proximity sensor
Bone conduction audio transducer
Battery: one day typical of use
Charger: Included Micro USB cable and charger

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By Sniper

8 thoughts on “Google Glass soon on CD-R King? For real or not for real?”
  1. ilan years kaya tatagal? ah wait… ilan months ba??? aba teka ilang weeks?? ano kamo days lang ba yan…. nevermind….

  2. i don’t know about you guys but if they can sell cheap or replica google glass, then that’s really something to look
    forward to… i mean, an affordable one ha.

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