How to Access Globe Broadband Prolink H6300G Advance Settings using Administration Username and Password.

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a – rjdreyes –

If you really need to customized the settings of your Globe Broadband or other Broadband in which, currently connected to Prolink H6300G ADSL Router/Modem, and you need to access the Advance Settings and Features of it.

No worries, there are walkthroughs in every concern. πŸ˜€

1. First is to open you web browser such as Firefox, IE, Google Chrome, etc…

2. At the url, type (in case you don’t change it. :D)

Go to Advance Settings such as (Interface Setup – Wireless), you cannot got any further, it needs a username and password.

To access it, type the Username : user and Password : user, on other cases such as Wireless Setup, you can try Username : Admin, and the Password : Admin.

Using Globe Broadband Prolink H6300G ADSL

3. On such cases, if you’re using Globe Broadband, you need a special access thru more Administration Settings, on the web browser url, type : (in case you don’t change it. :D).

4. Then from the Advance Setups, if you still don’t know the Username and Password, try this instead:

PASSWORD: 3UJUh2VemEfUtesEchEC2d2e

5. Now you in full control of the administration advance settings. πŸ˜€

P.S. Technical Support won’t know or give you this information. Their Technical Sub-Contractors will give you this sort of information, when they inspect at your house or office. πŸ˜€

6. If you mess up on the settings, you can try to reboot or reset to the factor default by pressing the Reset button (5 secs duration). Then encode the settings of your Router/Modem. πŸ˜€

That’s it, i hope this solve your concerns! πŸ˜€

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53 thoughts on “Globe Prolink H6300G Admin Advance Settings”
  1. Hi, I have just configured the Globe Prolink modem router (I’m sorry I forgot the exact model #). And my problem is that: I want to access my Web Server which is connected through this Globe modem router. I try to use Port Forwarding.

    My question is: How can I access the Web Server on the Web because I cannot set/change the port No. on the modem router, let say for example: I want to change the http port of the Modem Router from port 80(which is the default port into another port let say port 8080) bec. the http default port of the Web Server is port 80 (which is the same as port of the Modem Router), in which when I try to type the WAN IP Address of the Modem Router, the Administration GUI of the Modem Router will appear and not the Web Server which is my goal.

    Please help me. Here is my cel no. 63921-6983443.

    1. hi arnel, i think your trying to achieve is possible. Do you used static ip address or dynamic? What is your Web Server? if Static address, used port forwarding on your router (be sure that you ISP is accepting incoming/outgoing port 80), on your web server find the line listen port 80 (if you used Apache). In between, if you want to change the port, just change the line Listen port let’s say for example to port 70. then change also on the router port forwarding number (70), then forward it to the internal ip address where your web server is installed. there are things i would like to know more on your setup like your firewall etc… please provide more info. -jcyberinux moderator

      1. @rjdreyes i have the same problem as arnel. i tried abyss and apache but no luck.

        webserver is running correctly and port is open at 80. checked it at yougetsignal. i also enabled DMZ and turned off my firewall just to test it.

        the problem is that even the port is open, when i open the page using my WAN IP, it will always open the router’s setup page.

        then i also tried port 8080, also ports open but to no avail it could not connect to remote server. please advice

        1. shorter version

          my external IP displays the router’s configuration page, not my site on apache

          any tips on turning off its remote management or change the the port?

        2. same question(s) to arnel. do you used static or dynamic? Then also did you check your apache configuration? and also did you try this one : C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc then Open Host file with Notepad
          then Edit by adding Local IP address of web server followed by host name or wan ip address(i dont know if this work with wan ip) then save it. FYI, i already done with this on my past experiments, i forgot them already… XD

  2. I try ds set up, it work nmn po s globe broadband ko, kso po I still experiencing a problem.. madalas syang magdisconnect at hindi rin makaconnect ung wifi cp ko.
    Pls help po.. pno po magiging stable ung wifi connection ko.

    Thanks po

    1. report it to globe CSR. they will handle it with their respective technical contractors to diagnose your concern. πŸ˜€ cheers!

      1. Thanks for reply, but i cant tell it to globe po kc coz i just apply them a wired wimax connection.. i Just try to put a wireless router pra hindi n po nkaconnect ung wired s laptop ko..
        I try to configure the ENCORE wifi router kso ang hirap eh..
        My cousin have a Globe broadband wifi router, tinry ko ung sbi mo s link n ito, its successful nmn kc naconfigure ko nmn sya in wifi, kso madalas me madisconnect.. tapos hindi rin makaconnect ung wifi mobile phone ko.. cguro my kuang s config ko.. d ko po alam eh..
        can u help me kung pno magiging stable ung wifi ko using the GLOBE BROADBAND- PROLINKH6300G WIFI ROUTER ADSL.
        THANKS PO..

        1. for your concern, i cannot tell how to diagnose it, because physically, i would rather let the technical support do their thing. there are many reason of unstable connection, one is your location, another thing can be the account they designated on your broadband, or the configuration that you do maybe misconfigure or mess up. just try to talk to them they will listen to your concern. πŸ˜€

  3. hi our globe broadband model\router resetted(is this a word?haha)i think the modem\router really does this every more than 6months i think.i forgot how to configure do i put a password in it again?thanks.(we already contacted the technical support but no technicians are coming to our house)Thanks in advance again.

  4. @yvette
    globe prolink router is stable but week transmission, i think the connected device(cp) has the problem especially android phones. you may try setting your mobile device to static ip.

  5. Hi i have the exact same model, is there a way for me to optimize my DSL connection from Globe? Because when i’m using cisco dual wan router i was getting speeds of 5.2mbps but when i cut my other line and only used 1 connection and not using the cisco device to dial for me it went down to 5mbps. BTW i had 2 lines one 6mbps (actual speed was 5.2mbps) and 3mbps. Thanks!

    1. first question, what are you trying to achieve? second : is your cisco router : Cisco RV042 Dual WAN VPN – If you trying to achieve a maximum speed of more than 6/7 mbps connection speed, then result would be depends on the scenario. read about the load balancing –

      if you trying to achieve to 2 internet connection becomes 1 connection with combining its internet speed, then terminology would be bonding. and it must have same internet connection and speed.

  6. hi! i have a problem with my office’s wifi connectivity. it seems like my laptop cannot connect to the router (Prolink H6300G). i find this confusing because all other devices from my colleagues got connected to the router and not mine. a few weeks back i still have access to it. i remembered someone from my office configuring mac addresses on the router interface page. i am beginning to presume that my mac address was blocked accidentally. i tried connecting to the router interface page but the problem is it won’t connect, even if i got the ip address right, and even if i tried connecting via other computers. do i necessarily have to reset the router? i just want to fix my connectivity issues without having to reset the router as it might affect connectivity with my colleagues’ devices.

    1. try to used other pc/laptop, connect the device via LAN do not used wireless connection. then on the PC/laptop type ipconfig /all on the command prompt if you are you are using windows and ifconfig is you are using linux via terminal. then from there, you need to check the gateway ex. this is the router address. if you need to connect and configure the router settings go to the web browser and type ex. then type the administrator password in making any changes on the settings.

      1. yes i already did that using another unit but the computer cannot connect to the administrator page as well. what do you think shall i do next?

        1. its in the blog post. πŸ˜€ but if you are asking for your own modem – admin password. just call the technical support they will provide you the password of your admin account on the router, given the fact you are their customer. πŸ˜€

  7. sir how can i change the default username and password or only the password on the router h6300g. the default one not the administrator account please help me

  8. Please help mo. on how to change password on wifi globe broadband, i want to change tye password so that my neighbors can’t access the wifi connection.\

  9. hi, I want to know how can i control the amount of speed that each LAN port (wired LAN) can have. Please help me. Thank you

  10. Good Day! pwd po bang humingi ng idea(step by step) kong paanu e online ang dvr?the same modem/router po gamit ko Prolink H6300G..possible po bang static ip ang dvr then ung net connection nya PPPoA/PPPoE.panu po ba mag set-up sa modem/router.Thanks

    1. hi richard, much better if you consult first on the DVR manual, different DVR’s have different approaches… on also kindly consult to GLOBE about this, because i do believe you need another static address for the DVR, i do think you need to make a brige mode connection for this.

  11. Sir add ko lang po, regarding po sa Cellphones trying to connect to the Wifi with problems, I faced this problem also before and from what i experienced, some CPs are really having problem connecting to WiFi with WPA2 password encryption, we have 6 CPs at home and 3 of it, two of them Nokia, and 1 Samsung, are actually having problem with the Password encryption problems. I tried switching Back and Forth on WPA and WPA2, and the CPs are able to connect when the Pass was on WPA.

    Suggestion: even if vulnerable, if you really want to connect your CPs, use WPA pass encrypt.

    Hope this may help others.

  12. hi, how can i change both the admin’s username (user) and password (user) on globe prolink h6300g?


  13. bkt pag nagdodownload ako sa pc ko, ung mga nakawifi hnd makapagbrowse. im using globe prolink dsl modem/router.

        1. check the following such as Access Management: Filter, Interface Setup check status of the modem, on LAN check on Lease time: (mine was configure at 86400), at Wireless check the DTIM: usually value from 1 to 2… there a lot of things to consider but that’s it for now.

  14. Hi sir, I tried changing the pass on our prolink site instead of the default user-user username and pass, the problem is that when i clicked the applied changes button it took a while before the save config on the left side showed and i think that somehow it hung up that when i saved it and input my new pass – the security was disabled and now i can access the settings without having to input a pass. I also tried experimenting with user or my new pass or blank as old password but it didn’t work. I was also scared that it was disabled permanently. Really need help on this sir because the reason I tried to change pass was because sometimes our neighbors figure out our pass on the wifi and we were afraid that they’re going to hack it by changing the password directly on the prolink site because it already happened once to someone we know. thanks! πŸ™‚

    1. Try my instructions above used the default router ip (ex. and used the following username and password instructed above.
      If you already tried your best on configuration and you mess up bigtime, then probably, all you need is a hard reset of your modem/router.
      Do you have the your username and password of your PPPOE? If you do, then i suggest do the hard reset, then at the back of the modem/router you will see the reset button, used the small pin to successfully press it. (DO THIS IF YOU DONT HAVE ANY OPTION LEFT AND USED THIS METHOD WITH CAUTION) Press it around 10 seconds before you release it. – BUT I GUESS THIS WILL BE TOUGH FOR YOU… XD

      first: make your wifi more secure, there are several authentication type, find what suits you best. Go to Interface Setup – Wireless – Multiple SSIDs Settings. you can also add Wireless MAC Address Filter to be more secure…

      second: change your default router/modem ip address: Interface Setup – Router Local Ip – Ip Address (from here on, change it to something like, etc…)

      Change the password of user/user (username/password) – to more secure one. You can add type of characters like numbers, $#@, etc…

      Make your – Admin (username/password) – to more secure password. (your choice)

  15. paano po ma open ang port 80. conection timed out po ksi sa paano po ma open tgru router. tnx.

  16. Hi to all. . Ask ko lang po pano po bang gawin modem lang po itong prolink na modem/router? As of now po kasi gumagamit ang opis namin ng 2 dsl line which is PLDT & Globe and meron po kaming VR042 Router ang problema ko lang po is pag check ko sa WAN2 which is Globe DSL 192.168.254. somethings eh i cant remember the last number. . Pero yung PLDT DSL – WAN IP ang nakikita. Plano ko lang po iconfigure itong Prolink na modem lang sya at disable ang wifi at router.

    Please help naman po mga sir..


    1. to disable wifi, go to interface setup – wirelesss – deactivated. about your RV042 Router, you should designate/assign the route for your IPs.
      both PLDT and GLOBE lines must be static, and they should have different gateway. route your ISPs gateway to designated WAN IPs.

      1. Hi sir RJDREYES. .

        Is their posible to make this router/modem will only MODEM? Our PDLT DSL modem xyzel was modem only. And for the RV042 router for PLDT i assign username * password for PPPoE and for globe it’s automatic. .

        THe only problem that i encounter for Globe modem when i connected the modem to the router the IP address appear to the router is already NAT. I mean instead of ISP provider IP Address.

        1. of course you are using a router, it will designate a default gateway rather on ISP IP Address. can i ask you what is you’re intention on modem ISP? if you’re into ISP IP address, i suggest using router’s port forwarding for what you’re intention using the ISP IP address.

  17. sa may router po ay umiilaw nman po ang internet acces kaso sa pagconnet ko sa wifi, wala pong internet access, natry ko na pong ireset ang router nguni ayaw parin,,, natry ko na rin pong maopen ang ngunit do ko po alam kung saan ang dapat baguhin.. may ikakasuggest po ba kayo?? salamat po… πŸ˜€

        1. like username and password, interface setup, etc… before you reset the router you should know first or save the configuration of your router. – call for globe technical support they might help you on that. – answered by admin

          1. d po kasi ako makakontak sa globe kasi sira ngayun ang cgnal sa mga phone… gusto ko po ako na mismo mag.ayos para mas madali…

          2. hi joshua, unfortunately, i cannot help you beyond on that, since i’m not physically around on your location (maybe there other problems aside from your configuration). can you send screenshot of your configuration, maybe from there, we can start the diagnose. thanks!

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