How to fix error on igfxcpl.cpl when opening the Control Panel on Windows
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

This immediate solution should fix the issue, regarding igfxcpl.cpl when opening Control Panel on Windows

How this steps / instructions on resolving an issue :

1. Download the Intel Chipset Video Card Driver you currently have. (Mine was Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset Family).

Download Official Site of Intel Chipset Video Card Driver click here.

2. At the Download Section, choose the zip file, download it, and then extract the zip file. Afterwards find the igfxcpl.cpl, you will needing this to fix and replace the old igfxcpl.cpl (Mine was, on Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset Family, go find your compatible drive.)

3. Download to easily patch the uxtheme.dll missing, corrupted or missing file.

Replacer is a tool that can replace a system file without booting on a safe mode, be sure that your account has an administration privileges.

4. Extract then run Replacer.cmd.

5. Browse to C:\Windows\System32 (where the installation directory of your Windows XP OS), then find igfxcpl.cpl file. After that, Drag igfxcpl.cpl to the command prompt windows of Replacer.cmd

6. Press Enter after you drag the file, after that it will tell you to drag the replacement file for it, so drag the (newly extracted) igfxcpl.cpl, then press Enter. Then press Y to continue.

7. Wait until it finish. Press any key to continue after it finish the patch, then reboot or restart your computer.  

8. If all fails, try to reinstall the driver, used the zip file you download earlier.

I hope this fix your concern regarding igfxcpl.cpl error. 😀

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