Smartphones or mobile phones which are non-waterproof gets soaking wet, what to do now?

What to do when your phone or smartphone gets soaking wet due to accidental drop in the sink, floodwater or your very own toilet. No worries mate, we will give you some tips on how to do a quick check and recover, of your non-waterproof phone from serious injuries such as wet or splash by water in an accident.

Sony Xperia ZR
*Image courtesy of Sony – for demonstration purpose only*
* RECOVER or RETRIEVE the soaked wet phone immediately. (Take it out from its wet surface, the less time it soaked on the wet, the better chances, it can be revived).
* NEVER and EVER used a blower or quick dry blower, this may damaged some internal parts of the phone. (Tendency that some areas are still wet, such as, some inner most part which can short-circuit the phone.)
* For the hygiene, used an alcohol on the OUTER LAYER of the phone ONLY!

(1) When you’re phone gets wet or drop on the water (let’s say accidentally drop on a full bucket water), you must retrieve it immediately and then lay it on a clean absorbable towel.

(2) If you’re phone still operating or turn on, turn it off then removed the battery. If the power button doesn’t work, opened the back part of phone then removed the battery immediately. Kindly also removed SIM card(s), and microSD card from its slot. This prevent further damage on the battery, SIM card(s) and microSD card.

(3) As the parts removed on the phone, try to clean or wipe it by a soft and clean absorbable towel. (Regular towel will do, as long as it is a soft and well made towel.)

(4) NEVER and EVER used a blower (as I mention earlier), instead, used a vacuum cleaner. Used it properly and never overdo it. Hold the phone while you try to vacuum it, until you see most the phone outer layer is dry out.

(5) Place the phone in a container (such as a jar, re-sealable plastic bag, plastic container) with full of raw or uncooked rice. The rice will help to absorb any remaining moisture and do not try or to attempt to turn on the phone yet. DO THIS AT LEAST 24 HOURS!!!

(6) Used the clean absorbable towel for remaining dust, moisture or any form of liquid. Then you may attempt to turn on the phone.

(7) If the any problem still persist, you may contact or go to the nearest AUTHORIZED service center of your phone. Have it check and repair.

* QUICK DIAGNOSTIC: If putting the battery doesn’t turn on your phone, try to connect it with a charger. If still doesn’t turn on, try to remove the battery, but leave the charger still connected on the phone, and then turn it on. If the phone turn on and no signs of a problem, then probably, replacing a damaged battery will solved it out.

That’s it and hopefully this tip might help you out! Kindly drop a comment/message on what you prefer and share something you might want to add on the topic. 🙂

(Disclosure: Sony ZR, Android OS/UI/Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. We used it for demonstration purpose only.)


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