Firefox/Google Chrome Apps Extension Add-ons
by: Alodia Phan (

Since there are tons of applications used daily on the internet, before we know it, we already become a part of the system using a Web Browser on daily search of data, media or everything that’s came up to our mind.

One thing that doesn’t get out of it is the Web Browser features, whether you are using IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or any web browser there is a add-ons or extensions. The add-ons or extensions is made of web/internet applications were you can used it to take advantage of web browser capability, such as Webpage Screenshot which is allows you to take a picture on the current web page. You can also download your favourite’s games and web pages.

Good looking extensions both available on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Here is the Google Chrome Web store where you can install and download favourite add-ons, extensions and applications.
Google Chrome Web store
Here is the Firefox Add-ons Manager, Open Firefox then go to Tools then select Add-ons.
Firefox Add-ons Manager

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