How to Setup Primary and Secondary Monitor on Windows XP (see also Switching Primary to Secondary Monitor or Secondary to Primary Monitor vice versa)

Requirements: (A video card / graphic card have capability of displaying two monitors. Be careful not to buy, any dual split screen adapter. It won’t help you to extend your windows desktop).

* For Desktop
– Video Card / Graphic Card (Must have 2 DVI Slot, or 1 VGA Slot and 1 DVI Slot, 2 HDMI Slot, or a combination that can output two monitors).

– Also be sure that you have monitor adapter / converter, for such instance like, you have 2 DVI Slot, and your Monitor is VGA Standard Pin. You need a monitor adapter / converter, by using it, you can convert your Monitor VGA Pin, into DVI Pin. (VGA to DVI Monitor Adapter).

– There are also a DVI to DVI Monitor Cable, or VGA to VGA Monitor Cable, or both combination in case you don’t have it.  

* For Laptop / Netbook / Notebook
– Must have an HDMI Out, VGA Out or both. 😀


Steps / Instructions on How to Extend the Windows Desktop by using Two Monitors (Primary and Secondary Monitors)

1. Go to your Desktop, right-click your Desktop, there should be an options, then select Properties.

Dual Monitor Setup on Windows XP

2. Or click Start > then Settings > click Control Panel. Then at Control Panel, search Display Properties, then double-click it.

Dual Monitor Setup on Windows XPDual Monitor Setup on Windows XP

3. At Display Properties, go to Settings tab, then from there, you can now Extend your Windows Desktop. Click the Secondary Monitor (which is disable at first), then click the box on Extend my Windows desktop onto this Monitor to enable the Secondary Monitor / Desktop Window. Click Apply and then OK.

Dual Monitor Setup on Windows XP

(Note: It will flick your monitor, it’s normal, so don’t worry about it. Then you can change its Screen Resolution, same as the Primary Monitor).

4. We are not done yet, if you wish to make the exact match of the physical arrangement of your monitor, (such an instance, that the physical arrangement, doesn’t match on your Windows Desktop). You can fix it, by dragging the monitor and by switching their position. This will change the position of your Monitor Desktops (both Primary and Secondary); this will also help you on your mouse cursor movement around the desktop. 😀

Dual Monitor Setup on Windows XP

You can also make Secondary Monitor, as the Primary Monitor Screen, so click the Secondary Monitor, then click the box on Use this device as the primary monitor then click Apply and then OK. (or vice versa) 😀

(Note: Again, It will flick your monitor, it’s normal, so don’t worry about it :D).

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a. rjdreyes –

I hope this guide helps you out. 🙂

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