How to Exclude or Disable ACDSee Pro generating Database of Thumbnails and Catalog Files

There are tons of FAQ about ACDSee on other forums: Why my ACDSee taking too slow to load images or ACDSee won’t launch immediately it’s like taking forever? Other questions like: Why ACDSee dump or generate huge file of Thumbnails on my computer how can I avoid this? or How to exclude folders and files to stop the ACDSee generating Database of Thumbnails and File Catalogs?

All in all the questions derived into one finding, and that is the generating bulk database of thumbnails of ACDSee.

What is the solution for this? Simple. Just follow the steps / instructions below.

1. Open your ACDSee, if you had problems on loading your ACDSee try to delete the .fpt / .dbf file thumbnails that may found on your account directory. For example directory: C:\Documents and Settings\dell-latitude-d630\Local Settings\Application Data\ACD Systems\Catalogs\30Pro\Default
Disable Catalog and Database Thumbnails on ACDSee by Jcyberinux
(Note: You will need to enable Show hidden files and folders on your Windows Explorer, in order to do that, at your Windows Explorer, go to Tools > then click Folder Options… > click the View tab, browse on the Advanced Settings then look for Hidden files and folders. From there, click on Show hidden files and folders then click Apply and OK afterwards.)

2. From here, you will find the Thumbnails that keeps getting bigger, while you’re ACDSee generates more thumbnails on the picture you are currently browsing, or when you add more pictures on your hard drive.
Disable Catalog and Database Thumbnails on ACDSee by Jcyberinux
Delete the Thumb(#) file, For example : Thumb1.fpt and Thumb1.dbf, Then down to the next one… Then after that try to launch again ACDSee, see if that’s solves the loading/launching problem.

3. If you still experiencing problems on launching ACDSee, then you need  to uninstall it, then restart. After you restart your computer, try to install ACDSee then restart again. Then try again to launch again ACDSee.

4. If you’re concern is to exclude the Folders, Files or Drives that generates Database of Thumbnails / Catalog Files of ACDSee. At ACDSee, go to Tools then Database then from the set of options, you will see the Exclude Selected Folders (If you like to exclude on generating thumbnails the specified folder) or Exclude Folder Settings… (For more advanced options).
Disable Catalog and Database Thumbnails on ACDSee by Jcyberinux

5. For my example, I’m going to used Exclude Folder Settings, from here, you can add specified folder or hard drive letter of your choice. (Note: As stated, Items inside these folders and their sub-folders will not be stored in the database)
Disable Catalog and Database Thumbnails on ACDSee by Jcyberinux
Click Add, then close a folder or drive, then click OK. (Note: A prompt saying that any information stored about items under these folders will be lost. Relax, it won’t delete your files on the specified folder, just delete an information stored by ACDSee.)
Disable Catalog and Database Thumbnails on ACDSee by Jcyberinux
You can exclude removable drives and CD/DVD drives just check the checkbox. Then click Close.

And that’s it, restart your computer for more effectivity. Then try to launch your ACDSee Pro you will see it load more faster than before. 😀

I hope this helps you out. 😀


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