Recently, I had an issue regarding to my Yahoo extra email address which I request on my Yahoo email wish list. I got tons of spam and annoying messages everyday. So I decided to remove it and it solves my problem.

(Note: By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own Yahoo email account)

1. Login to your Yahoo (Email) Account, then click the Gear Icon (upper right side), and then click Settings.
Remove Extra Email Address

2. From the Accounts section, you will see the Extra email address. Click Remove for the following extra email address to be deleted.
Remove Extra Email Address

3. Prompt message will appear, click Remove this email address.
Remove Extra Email Address

4. Another prompt message will appear, you really want to remove this email address. Confirm Yes, Remove to delete the extra email address.
Remove Extra Email Address

5. You have successfully remove the extra email address, from the option below, may can create another extra email address by clicking Choose a New one, or perhaps you still undecided or maybe next time, click Done.
Remove Extra Email Address

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you out 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Delete or remove your Yahoo secondary or extra email address”
  1. me too i got problems before about this, got lot of spam messages. i completely disable the yahoo email account wishlist and good bye to all spam messages.

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