Datawind is a leading provider of wireless access products and services, release an Android tablet that cost cheaper (which is around or less than $40+ or Philippine Price maybe around PHP 2,600 to 3K+), from the variants of UbiSlate Android Tablets.

UbiSlate - Aakash
The main target of the company is to provide a mobile computing device, like Android tablets which are in low cost for educational purposes, such as students who aren’t afforded to have high cost tablets. With these affordable tablets, it will close the gap between the adaptation and necessity of a person, to have these devices to be part of the modernity, in terms of internet and technological means.

There were times that the name/model of the Tablet is confusing, in some cases that the releases were Aakash or UbiSlate, but practically it’s the same thing in terms of specs and features. There are a number of variants available in their website such as the UbiSlate 7Ci (also known as Aakash 2, Wi-Fi only) / UbiSlate 7C+ (also known as Aakash 3, Wi-Fi, EDGE, SIM/Phone functionality) / UbiSlate 7Cz (Wi-Fi, EDGE, SIM/Phone functionality, Bluetooth, Dual-core, 1GB RAM).

UbiSlate - Aakash
Specifications of UbiSlate 7Ci / UbiSlate 7C+ / UbiSlate 7Cz:

Model UbiSlate 7Ci UbiSlate 7C+(EDGE) UbiSlate 7Cz
Type Tablet Smartphone Tablet (Phablet) Smartphone Tablet
Touch Panel 7.0 inches, Capacitive 7.0 inches, Capacitive 7.0 inches, Capacitive
Touchscreen, TFT Touchscreen, TFT Touchscreen, TFT
Processor Cortex A8; 1Ghz Cortex A8; 1Ghz Cortex A7 Dual Core; 1.0 Ghz
RAM 512MB 512MB 1GB
Resolution 800×480 px 800×480 px 800×480 px
Android OS 4.0.3 (ICS) 4.0.3 (ICS) 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Camera Front – VGA Front – VGA Front/Back – VGA/2.0 MP
Sensor G-Sensor G-Sensor G-Sensor
Ports Micro SD & Mini-USB Micro SD & Mini-USB Micro SD & Mini-USB
Network WiFi WiFi & EDGE WiFi & EDGE & BT
Power and Battery Life Up to 180 minutes Up to 3 hours Up to 3 hours
Audio 3.5mm jack 3.5mm jack 3.5mm jack
Video Player Multi Format Video Player Multi Format Video Player Multi Format Video Player
Storage Internal Memory:4GB Internal Memory:4GB Internal Memory:8GB
Extendable: 32GB via Extendable: 32GB via Extendable: 32GB via
micro SD slot micro SD slot micro SD slot

The device already pre-loaded of education, entertainment, gaming and other productivity apps. UbiSlate 7Ci runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) which can access variety of apps via Google Play Store. However, the device might have bottleneck in the long run, when the device is loaded of multiple apps and to given specs limitation (4GB of internal storage/ 512MB of RAM). In effort to give cost-effective, good quality and yet high specification devices, you can choose higher specs like UbiSlate 7Cz which of course, cost higher than UbiSlate 7Ci.

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