Datacolor Spyder4ELITE cannot detect and install driver properly
Spyder4Elite for Display Calibration on LCD, LED, OLED, CRT, Retina Display, DLP and other technology display devices.

Recently, I just experience another issue regarding installation of Datacolor Spyder4ELITE software and driver. I was about to calibrate the LED Monitor, then suddenly I encountered an issue after I installed the software, the Datacolor Spyder4ELITE device doesn’t detected on the USB slot.
Spyder4ELITE cannot detect and install driver properly
Previously, the computer has a CRT monitor which already been broken and also has a Spyder3Pro installed on it. I have successfully connected the new LED Monitor on the computer and uninstalled the previous Spyder3Pro software and driver to the computer.

Things getting complicated, I thought I just need to uninstall and reinstall the Spyder4ELITE, but when I again insert the Spyder4ELITE monitor calibration on the USB slot, still doesn’t detect by the computer. It seems that something to do on the old installation of the Spyder3Pro or any installed Mobile Support Software Device Drivers. Moreover it can be buggy on the system part like registry.

To sum up the things I do, in order to Datacolor Spyder4ELITE work again on the computer. Here is the list that might help you in the process of diagnose:

Check the Datacolor Spyder4ELITE Monitor Calibration Device to other computer if it’s working. (I already test it to other computer and its working, and the mere fact it is a newly bought unit of Spyder4ELITE.)

Uninstall any previous monitor calibration softwares, including Spyder3Pro, Mobile Support Software Device Drivers like Samsung Kies, Apple iTunes, etc…(But it didn’t work out, in my case.)

Uninstall and Reinstall Spyder4ELITE.

Uninstall USB Devices via Device Manager on Windows.

(Note: In the process on doing this, I’m using USB mouse, I uninstall all the USB devices included on the USB Mouse, only was left to me is using Keyboard via PS/2 port. I managed to select on other devices via using TAB and ALT-TAB plus arrow keys in the Keyboard, you can confirm the uninstall via Enter key)

Update Motherboard/USB chipset drivers.

Check power supply capacity and condition.

Update Service Pack of Window Operating System (On Windows XP, if you still using SP1 or SP2, try to update to SP3 click here to know how to update it.)

– If all above solution fails, try to remove system registry that associated with datacolor spyderon registry editor. (Go to start – run – type regedit) Click on Computer then click Edit and Find the value for an example would be spyder.

– The last resort I do was, reformat/reinstall the Operating System, Softwares and Drivers then Install the Datacolor Spyder4ELITE Monitor Calibration Driver and Software. (Which works 100% percent to me!) If this still not working on your case, my guess was you have already bad case of USB slot on your computer.

There you have it. I hope I clear everything up on the diagnostic, too much for an effort huh? 😀 Contribute a feedback on the comment on what way how to solve your own issue.

Cheers! 🙂

(Note: Datacolor – Spyder4Elite Logos/Images have a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)


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