Why the Screen Orientation doesn’t work nor function, What is a G-Sensor on Cherry Mobile SkyFire 2.0

Note: This instruction/info doesn’t require to be rooted. Still using Stock ROM of Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0

When I bought SkyFire 2.0, it seems that the Screen Orientation doesn’t work or the function weren’t good. I thought it was a manufacture defective unit.

I was planning to give it back on the store, but still I research about the G-Sensor (also known as Accelerometer), which can cure or put back the Screen Orientation to work.

So anyone wondering about what is G-sensor / Accelerometer is, this should suffice to your question.

G-sensor / Accelerometer
G-sensor is usually an accelerometer that measures the forces that act on it during changes in velocity, or amount of acceleration in a device. Likewise, G-sensor measures the amount of tilt in a device from mobile devices such as tablet or Smartphone.

Luckily, in SkyFire 2.0 has a G-sensor Adjust Calibration. Going to Settings – then DisplayGsensor Adjust, from there, I can calibrate the G-sensor. This helps me to solve my problem on Screen Orientation (because I would like to used both Vertical and Horizontal Screen Orientation).


In addition, if you want your Android Smartphone to have Auto Screen Rotation – Vertical and Horizontal orientation, make sure that you enable the Auto-rotate screen, on the Display Settings.

*This option could also help you on your favourite racing games like Real Racing or Temple Run…

So now you know, anyway if you like to add some information or to correct something, kindly do share it with us.


Have nice day Cherry mobile fanatics!

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