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Ubuntu One file services to be shutdown on June 1, 2014

To all active users of Ubuntu One file services, it is an unfortunate to have this news from their official website. As I check my emails, I got a written notification regarding the Ubuntu One file services, and this pertains to their discontinuing the services effective in June 1, 2014. SCREENSHOT Read more ...

Domain name and backlink checking before creating a website

It is necessary to do a domain check before creating your website. You must ensure that the domain you select is available and registered. If there is any issue with it, it will affect your website negatively. Here we shall discuss two things. First, why is it important to check a domain and second, Read more ...

Need more Storage? Tencent’s offers 10TB Free Cloud Storage

There is a saying like “Get it while it’s HOT~!”. The Chinese tech firm “Tencent” offers FREE 10TB worth of cloud storage. 0_0 Unbelievable isn’t it? Jaw-dropping as it sounds, Ice melting to see, and as heaven as you may have it. You may forget about having 5GB? 25GB? 50GB? or 1TB? Having Read more ...

Managed Server Hosting or Unmanaged Hosting – Which is Better?

When you talk about server hosting, there is one basic question that everyone asks – Should I do it myself or should I employ someone to manage it for me? If you take the entire responsibility, it is referred to as Unmanaged Hosting and if someone else does it for you, it is called Managed Hosting. So Read more ...

Basics of Email Hosting – Hosted Exchange or Webmail?

It does not matter whether your business is a small or a big one, no company can improve its online reputation without a good website. It plays a dominant role in putting up your profile in a much enhancing way so that, even if your company is small, you will get an amazing response for the fact that Read more ...

Insert and Setup Google Analytics Tracking ID in Blogger

How to add or insert and setup Google Analytics Tracking ID in your Blogger Website by: RJDREYES (Note : By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own blogger account) *SIGN IN FIRST ON YOUR GOOGLE ANALYTICS USING YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT 1. Click Admin at upper right of Read more ...
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