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Unbox ViewSonic TD2340 23-inch 10-point multi-touch IPS Monitor Review

In the chain of touchscreen technology, there several of items for you to choose from (whether for home, small business or corporate business), and there is an equivalent technology for your needs. Such a case if you’re using Windows 8 operating system, in order for you to maximize its potential in Read more ...

Unbox ViewSonic TD2220 22-inch Full HD LED Backlit Touchscreen Monitor Review

It’s another pleasant day for my review, and this it’s a brand new ViewSonic TD2220, a 22-inch (21.5" viewable), Multitouch Full HD LED Backlit touch-screen monitor. TD2220 SPECS Touch-screen monitors have tons of applications were during the early period, some of them used for commercial purposes, Read more ...

ViewSonic VX2260S-LED Ultra Slim Review

ViewSonic VX2260S-LED Ultra Slim 22” Review The ViewSonic VX2260S-LED features an LED backlit 22" (21.5" viewable) ultra-thin widescreen monitor with up to 40%* energy savings compared to a regular 22" monitor. Colors / Clarity / Responsiveness: Good; Clear Vibrant Colors. (Rating: 4.5/5) Display Read more ...
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