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Unbox-Review: Kingston HyperX Fury Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Kingston continues to develop new set of technologies for the tech enthusiast consumers. These include SD cards, Memory Modules, SSD, USB Drives and their new product line is the Mouse Pad. Speaking of Mouse Pad, gamers have also preferences to their gaming accessories. That’s why Kingston includes Read more ...

Assassin’s Creed II – Stuck or freeze on hidden blade scene

Yesterday, I was playing my favorite old time game – Assassin’s Creed II then I was stuck at the Leonardo’s Workshop scene, were Ezio Auditore da Firenze (the Assassin) need to launch the hidden blade. Before, I forgot what key to pull off the hidden blade, and it took me awhile to launch the Read more ...

Giada D2308U Mini PC Review

INTRODUCTION Giada D2308U Mini PC for hardcore gaming enthusiasts around the world. Powered with 4th Generation Intel® i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce GTX750 graphics, the Giada D2308U offers stunning visuals and next-gen performance for the ultimate gaming experience. D2308U DESIGN | D2308U GAMEPLAY Read more ...

Can’t get enough Flappy Bird – Try Flappy Bert Web based game

Totally missing 'Flappy Bird' game app? Maybe it's time to move on and try this web based game, Flappy Bert. Flappy Bert? Yup you hear it right. It's newest web based game from Sesame Street website. No need to download or install the app, just visit the website and play the game. (click here to visit Read more ...

Microsoft Hints at Windows 8 and Xbox One App Compatibility in the Future

Microsoft Hints at Windows 8 and Xbox One App Compatibility in the Future. Was it inspired by the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 Free-to-Play Poker Games? The Xbox One and Windows 8 are two of the hottest gaming assets by Microsoft right now. The first one is one of the most anticipated (and criticized) Read more ...


GAME CONSOLES, GAMING FEATURES and OVERVIEW FOR 2013 - Playstation 4, Xbox 720, Project Shield, Game Stick, Oculus Rift, Razer Edge Pro PS4 (Playstation 4) Rumor or truth? The Sony Playstation 4 expecting to release this year, with new design, new features, power technical specs and faster response Read more ...
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