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Can’t get enough Flappy Bird – Try Flappy Bert Web based game

Totally missing 'Flappy Bird' game app? Maybe it's time to move on and try this web based game, Flappy Bert. Flappy Bert? Yup you hear it right. It's newest web based game from Sesame Street website. No need to download or install the app, just visit the website and play the game. (click here to visit Read more ...

Quantum Rush, a futuristic online racing game

Get ready for another racing game you will never yet experienced before, the Quantum Rush! SCREENSHOT FROM QUANTUM RUSH WEBSITE What’s about Quantum Rush? Quantum Rush developed by Gameartstudio, is an action packed, competitive, futuristic online racing game. Exciting race tracks, diverse Read more ...

New Road Rash on the way? A Technology Edge

Back in the 90’s if you played Road Rash and loved it then you are in for a treat. This was one of the Play racing games online and it involved many things such as cross country racing with motorbikes but at the same time it also included fisticuffs and other stuff, which could have been as to why Read more ...

Microsoft Hints at Windows 8 and Xbox One App Compatibility in the Future

Microsoft Hints at Windows 8 and Xbox One App Compatibility in the Future. Was it inspired by the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 Free-to-Play Poker Games? The Xbox One and Windows 8 are two of the hottest gaming assets by Microsoft right now. The first one is one of the most anticipated (and criticized) Read more ...
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