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Sony Xperia Z Gallery Images, Specifications, Review

Sony Xperia Z (C6603, C6602, LTE) Gallery Images and Technical Specifications, Review, Overview by: Alodia Phan – SONY XPERIA Z TECH SPECS | SONY XPERIA Z IMAGES Good day! Here’s my review (or rather overview) about the Sony Xperia Z, yet another must have Android Smartphone. With Read more ...

The must awaited PS4 unveiled features and overview

The Sony Playstation 4 “PS4” is now official unveiled it on the press - features, summary specs, overview Not anymore a rumor isn’t it? The Sony Playstation 4 unveiled to the media and to press on the event in the New York, US. (Disclaimer: PS4 - Sony PS4 Event - Images/Photos is official, Read more ...
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