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Asphalt 9: Legends – Review and Release

Okay guys I’m just going to put a short review about the newest arcade racing game – the Asphalt 9 Legends (the Android Version). It’s been five years since the released of Asphalt 8 Airborne, after that they followed with the release of Asphalt 9. So, the question is, does it upgrade that Read more ...

Manila Rush, Philippine made game app by Anino Games

Get ready for the rush, as the Anino Games released its new exciting game app – the Manila Rush. What’s about Manila Rush? Manila Rush is developed by Anino Games, brings back the Filipino game app to the road of EDSA, passing each vehicle (cars, bus and jeepneys), avoiding obstacles, and grabbing Read more ...

Sorry, apps with “Flappy” in title are no longer acceptable on App Stores

After the shutdown of Flappy Bird by its creator “Dong Nguyen”, lots of things happened like selling of Smartphones with Flappy Bird installed, while others try to mimic the game such like “Flappy Bert” recently developed by Sesame Street, and other developers focus on adding the word Flappy Read more ...

Flappy Bird flies away and goes bye-bye by game developer

The very addictive and popular game app “Flappy Bird” goes to shutdown by its creator “Dong Nguyen”, due to reason that the game causes a lot of attention and overrated reaction by the press people. SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME APP – Flappy Bird   With the averaging $50,000 a day Read more ...

Kroms an exciting puzzle game app for iOS and Android

Get ready to another exciting arcade and puzzle mobile game app for Android and iOS, the Kroms! What’s about Kroms? An exciting arcade game with an array of funny characters, tons of bright colors, and 99 unique chocofloors! Kroms is inspired by old fashioned fence-off games like Qix but it revolutionizes Read more ...

NVIDIA SHIELD Ships on July 31st, Pre-order roll out

NVIDIA SHIELD at full production and finally official ship on July 31st and also Pre-order is now online We received a newsletter from NVIDIA News, that the NVIDIA SHIELD is now ready for full launch and shipping on July 31st across West Coast, Central US, East Coast and Canada. Great news isn’t? Read more ...
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