Looking for PSP PDF Reader? Try Bookr FREE!
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (rjdreyes –

I’ve been searching PSP PDF Reader for days, luckily, I found Bookr, which is free and very easy to use.

Bookr is a free document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering.

How to Install and Used Bookr on Sony PSP
(Note: By the way, I’m using 5.50 firmware, try the non-modified and modified Bookr, to see what works on your game console.)

1. Download Bookr on Official Site or try to Download Modified Bookr (if the Bookr on Official Site doesn’t work). Save it and extract it on your PC/netbook.
(Note: There’s an instruction on how to install it on the PSP, just read the readme.txt)

2. Connect your PSP to your PC/netbook using the USB Cable, then browse on the folder, (For example: F:\PSP\GAME). From there, create a folder let’s say Bookr.

3. Then going back to the extracted download files, copy and paste the contents/files inside the folder “Bookr” of your PSP. (For example: F:\PSP\Game\Bookr)

4. Then create a folder where you can put all your Ebook PDF Files, let’s say for example, PDFBooks or Ebooks (It’s up to you to name it). You can create a folder inside the Bookr folder or in the parent folder path.
(For example: F:\PDFBooks or F:\PSP\Game\Bookr\PDFBooks)

5. Disconnect your PSP to your PC/netbook. Enjoy! 😀

Example Screenshot:
Bookr – PSP PDF Reader
(Note: Sony(PSP) and Bookr Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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