Bloody Hell… WTF!

For some reasons, my account on webhost has been hacked… And now i gonna do it all over again!!! I forgot to backup my previous files. Anyways, a fresh start, new beginning and new things to settle.

I really don’t know the issue of the virus or malicious script, it isn’t clear enough, i need to investigate, furthermore my question drives me. Does only my account has been hacked and penetrated by malicious script or virus.

If its only my account, what they want or they can get on my account? my blog entries? Does they trying to dismantle my business? Hmm… I really don’t know or does they trying to prove something?

I hope someone who did hacked my account has a good reason… or maybe just fun? hmm….

Anyways, nothing to be sure, now i have to backup my account frequently… It means more work for me too…. 🙁

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