In this tutorial, we can able to manage to customize redirects (redirections) of the old post URL to the new post URL.

(As for example)
/2014/02/20/the-old-post-title.html (OLD POST)
/2014/02/20/the-new-post-title.html (As for example, this is your NEW POST URL)

Reason(s) why you need this:
– You change the automatic permalink to custom permalink of your post URL.
– You delete the published post (intentional or by accident).

If the old post URL link wasn’t found in your blog site, this would cause some problems and also disappointment in your readers, and especially if SEO is an essential to you. To avoid further issue, here’s how you can resolve this.

(Note: By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own blogger account.)

1. Login to your Blogger Account (used the Admin account) and go to your Dashboard.

2. Go to Settings then click Search preferences.

Blogger Custom Redirects

3. Look for Errors and redirections section, at Custom Redirects click Edit.

Blogger Custom Redirects

4. From there, you can manage to Delete, Add or Edit redirects. To add new redirect, simply click New redirect.


5. Type or paste the old post URL (As for example: /2014/02/20/the-old-post-title.html) to FROM section.

Blogger Custom Redirects
Then type or paste the new post URL (As for example: /2014/02/20/the-new-post-title.html) to TO section.

Blogger Custom Redirects

6. Click the Permanent checkbox to make the redirection as permanent and then click Save. Afterwards, click Save changes.

7. To test if the new post URL is working, type the old post URL then see if it’s going to redirect to the new post URL.

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you out 🙂

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