Recently, I got an advice from my colleague about the Bayantel Internet Plan Promos. As I got a maximum of 1 Mbps internet speed, but if you are an old Bayantel Subscriber, you can avail the exclusive Bayantel Unlimited Internet Plans and Bundles to upgrade your current internet speed up to 5 Mbps.


Since my internet plan was 1299 (BayanTel DSL with Landline) which has a 1 Mbps internet speed, I contact them about their promo and immediately approved for upgrade. Within the same day, they upgraded my 1 Mbps internet speed up to 2 Mbps, which is a big plus when I watch YouTube video streaming and download couple of files in the internet. I can barely feel the difference on the internet download speed and my upload speed was increase. I notice it when I uploaded photos on my Facebook account in which, I can upload more faster than before.

Within the same price it doubles my internet speed experience, but I have to pay for the Bayantel Wi-Fi router which bundles within the upgrade for price of 400 pesos (hmm… They get my old BayanTel modem and in exchange, they going to replace with a Wi-Fi router, I didn’t bother to pay for the price, if something wrong with the Wi-Fi router, they will change it for free).

Anyway, if you are an old BayanTel subscriber and wanted to apply for BayanTel unlimited internet plans. Here is some information you need to know:

Speed Monthly / Fee
up to 1 Mbps 999
up to 2 Mbps 1,099
up to 3 Mbps 1,299
up to 4 Mbps 1,699
up to 5 Mbps 2,099

BUNDLE (DSL with Landline)
Speed Monthly / Fee
up to 2 Mbps 1,299
up to 3 Mbps 1,499
up to 4 Mbps 1,999
up to 5 Mbps 2,399

They didn’t disclose this information to all BayanTel subscribers, for whatever the reason is, I think they want to maintain it to a small group of circle (In my opinion). Do your own demand and talk to BayanTel Customer Service. My friend has a 756 Kbps with the same price of 1299, as I told to him about the promo, he immediately called the BayanTel Customer Service, and do you know what happened? He’s now on 2 Mbps internet speed account. So good right? Share this information to your friends who has BayanTel line.

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If something in your mind to comment or suggest, please let us know. In our efforts to provide detailed information, there is possibility of inaccurate contents. If you see any mistake or incomplete in our information, please don’t hesitate to tell us. We will fix it immediately as soon as possible.

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By Sniper

24 thoughts on “BayanTel Unlimited Internet Plans Promo”
  1. additional info sir, about the internet plans promo for example: before if you got 2399 plan for 3Mbps, it will automatically upgraded to 5 Mbps or if not, you have to call them, and tell them that you are an old subscriber and haven’t received the upgrade promo. And one more thing, since you already upgraded it, you cannot downgrade it to your previous connection. If you are using PPPOE before, it will change to DHCP. that’s what i know.

  2. heavy downloader po ako naka plan po ako sa mydestiny ng 999 internet 1mbps sobrang bagal top speed ko wala pa 500kbbps pero unli internet po walang bandwidth restriction im thinking talaga to switch internet connection ang bayantel ba walang bandwidth restriction please help with my question

  3. ask ko lng poh kng mron din poh bng telpad ang bayantel gya nun s PLDT? how much poh? kc s PLDT libre dw, pero my add’l k nmn s monthly mo for if I am not mistaken 2 yrs.? pg di mo n tpos ung 2 yrs b2yran mo rw ung unit? nun tnungin q ung teller pa’no naging Free ung unit kng mgb2yad dn ako ng add’l s monthly ko di asan ang Free dun? ngumiti lng xa…

      1. thanx for the info…ung poh bng PhP1299 Unlimited n poh b un 24/7 gya nun s PLDT PhP999 – up?

          1. I mean kc s gmit nmin n myDSL PhP1999/mo. fix un khit mgdamag nmin gmitin ung internet kc s work ng ate q as online marketer mga client nia kc foreigner kya s gbi lng kmi ngwo wrk? s byantel poh b gnun dn?

          2. BUNDLE (DSL with Landline) up to 4 Mbps 1,999 – yup its a fix rate and unlimited. walang bandwidth cap. just ask the store kung meron silang promo. 😉

  4. ok,d2 poh kc aq Laguna bka poh kc lumipat kmi jn s pna paupahan nmin bhay s QC dti poh n kc mron ng lndlyn(PLDT) un pna disconn. nun nngu2pahan ung linya? bka kc mgpa-activ8 kmi ng linya uli,bka mg-apply n lng poh aq s Bayantel ng Bundle pra isang aplayan n lng lndlyn @ my ksama ng wifi internet?bka ang kunin q poh Bundle ung PhP1299?dun poh kc kmi s Philcoa, QC san poh b aq mg-apply? ilng arw poh kmi mkabitan?

  5. kelangn poh kc nmin ung lndlyn lalo n poh ung internet kc nga un gmit nmin ng ate q s online marketing nia…

  6. Is there a bandwith cap with unli 1099 today? Sobrang bagal na ng dsl namin this past few days. Dati naman hindi. Been with bayantel for almost a year now. i’m thinking to switch ISP na because of this.

    1. i would to add info, about po sa internet nila depende po sa location kapag croweded na, lalo na kapag nalagay ka sa account na marami ng gumagamit bumabagal talaga… magreklamo ka sabihin mo matagal ka ng client nila para maayos kaagad nila. @roger granil wala bndwidth cap yan pero depende sa inapplyan mo yan. ask u sa csr nila.

  7. Plan ko po kumuha ng Plan 1499 (3Mbps), though ask ko lang po sana kung may cap po data nila? Ilang Gig per day/month? Any info po dito? TIA 🙂

  8. Nagpakabit ako ng bayantel yung up to 2 Mbps 1,299 nila noong isang buwan lang pero ang speed niya ay di naman umabot ng 2mbps naglalaro lang sa 1.60 minsan mababa pa pag tanghali hanggang gabi. Ang speed test na ginagamit ko ay yung

  9. Hi i have been a subscriber of bayantel for 5 years now,i was told i got 5mbps but 3years ago me and my hubby went to their ofc and told us we only have 3mbps which i think its true coz we are only paying 1,799 its not a bundle actually…
    Here is my problem last year i ask them to change my internet router for a new one,then 3weeks ago my wifi router which i bought since day one i had my internet installed got broken when i recieved a message on my email that i need to update and upgrade my wifi router and it says click on this link, i click on it after everything is downloaded everything is also gone along with it!! I mean,my internet connection is gone! My two routers are broken!!!! For two days no internet!! Thats crazzzy,heres more crazzier- they did change my router into all in one unit now but my internet connections has been so SLOooowww and it keeps looooosssing connections too now my gadgets are all apple it all needs to update but it keeps telling me failure to update im no longer connected to the internet! Did they downgrade my bayantel subscription?? Help need also to put back my wifi router which has 200 meters wide range,they installed their own only 15 meters grrrrrrr help me please what to do..thanks tc

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