It does not matter whether your business is a small or a big one, no company can improve its online reputation without a good website. It plays a dominant role in putting up your profile in a much enhancing way so that, even if your company is small, you will get an amazing response for the fact that your site looks more professional. When it comes to putting up your business, you would be using the medial contact sharing, using calendars on a frequent basis. For this, a webmail or a hosted exchange solution is quite important. Do you know the difference between a webmail and a hosted exchange program? Do you know which can be the best option for you? If not, then go through this article and make yourself aware of all the secrets, and learn some tips for making your site user friendly.


Generally, most the IT or technical companies try to implement in-house mail services. The basic reason behind this is the cost involved. Hosted exchange or webmail has gained popularity for costing reasons. By using any of these services, your business won’t need any kind of physical in-house on-site email server.

Hosted exchange

The typical fact you must know is that it depends on the Microsoft’s latest exchange server in which the primary client is Microsoft Outlook. Besides, you can do a lot more activities with such services that ease sending, receiving emails, folders, contacts.

As the client’s server is Outlook, you can also stay connected through a mobile, laptop, desktop and even browser.

The same exchange server is connected; hence, your inbox is always well synchronized.

Such type of service is responsible for network, application infrastructure components and even the operating system.

It offers a good, user-friendly and stable operating environment.

There is a complete control in the business process and applications’ infrastructure.

You are advised to buy a new server approximately every 5 years or else you will end up getting a slow server.

A consultant is needed to install the software and ensure that it is upgraded or maintained on a regular basis.


It allows you to operate and access whatever you need. Whether it is email, calendars or task lists, you can access it quite easily with webmail services.

You need internet access to use all the above-mentioned features with a good web browser.

As compared to Outlook, it is much faster and powerful as well.

You do not have to worry about accessibility.

For me, the budget was always a concern. However, ever since the time I have started using this one, I don’t have to spend on any kind of maintenance and it offers a much better budget email hosting solution.

If you are into a business, you can enjoy features likes security technology and anti-spam features.

Facts that you must know about hosted exchange and webmail hosting

Also known as exchange hosting, the typical use of hosted exchange usually depends on the Microsoft Exchange backend server. However, if you use webmail hosting, there is much security and the backup that you get gives goodwill. Both the servers are reliable and administered carefully. But to elaborate in details about the main difference between webmail hosting and hosted exchange, you must look at the points given below. As compared to the exchange hosting, webmail hosting is much more budget friendly. With the use of webmail hosting, you can receive, send and review email anytime.

Hosted exchange or webmail – which one is more user friendly

Both the servers are awesome. They help you get access to most of the other infrastructure and applications and thus make communication simpler. However, I have noticed a few differences with regards to sharing tasks, calendar and contacts between webmail email hosting and hosted exchange. Let us look at these differences before making a decision.

Contacts sharing option

This option is available in both the services. However, in the hosted exchange option, the contacts can be shared and edited as well, whereas in the webmail option, other users cannot edit your contacts.

Tasks sharing is tricky

In hosted exchange, there is a scope to assign a task sharing option with other users. Whereas in the webmail option, you cannot collaborate these tasks with the users neither can you assign it to someone else.

Calendar sharing – is it possible?

In hosted exchange, you delegate, read or write the capabilities or even a friend can do it for you. Every event has a different state and color on the calendar as compared to webmail hosting. In webmail hosting, such delegation capabilities are not available, due to which you can only read the access that has been provided.

Both the options seem fine. Both have amazing features to opt for. So, what do you think – which one is more user friendly? Will be able to handle both the services wisely? Think on it and get the right one for yourself and make the best use of it.
About the author: Ted Garza is a professional teacher. He has worked at kindergartens in USA and abroad for most of his professional life. In his free time he likes to write texts and articles on the topics of technology and also its implementation in everyday life for different websites (for example for the Danish “hosted exchange UnoEuro” domain campaign). He is always excited to share and comment his views on modernity with other people interested in such discussions.

*Disclosure/Disclaimer: An important note, we are just sharing this information to the public, provided by our source (Ted Garza). Info / Logos / Photos / Images have respective copyrights.

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