Apacer AM530 USB 3.0 Ultra-High Speed Card Reader Unleash on the Market!

You need Ultra-High Speed USB Card Reader on USB 3.0 with the most compatible Memory Card Slot? Maybe all you need is Apacer AM530 USB 3.0 Multi-slot Card Reader.
Apacer - AM530 USB 3.0 Ultra-High Speed Multi-Slot Card Reader
Apacer AM530 Card Reader Additional Images:
Apacer - AM530 USB 3.0 Ultra-High Speed Multi-Slot Card ReaderApacer - AM530 USB 3.0 Ultra-High Speed Multi-Slot Card Reader
The Apacer AM530 USB 3.0 Multi-slot Card Reader is all you need for total digital experience, whether on large transfer of files, digital photos and videos, and other media and non-media files.
– It complies with USB3.0 and backward USB 2.0 & USB1.1 specifications.
– It can recognize 5 cards at the same time and data transfer among different types of memory cards and USB Device Slots.
– With low power consumption, doesn’t need an external power or battery.

One thing to value on digital media/files, when it comes to file transfer (read/write) on PC/Netbook is TIME. Time is very crucial and memory consumption (Whether Compact Flash high-speed card, SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Duo, microSD, M2 and xD) of each file saved on the memory media is important. Like for instance, Photographers who are always on the go, to take photo shoots. After their work, it is important to save or make a backup copy of their file on the memory media, whether they used on the DSLR Camera or Video Camera. In order to save time, Apacer launches AM530 USB 3.0 ultra-high speed card-reader with, in full support of the mainstream memory cards, and ultra-high speed memory cards such as SDHC UHS-I, SDXC UHS-I or CF UDMA6/7.

One thing to think of is Speed. Just image, if you have a high speed memory card on your DSLR camera, but when you need to transfer it, it uses USB Card Reader 2.0 instead, so it’s just a complete was of time and money, while you need to transfer huge files or bulk files to work on. So basically, it’s like you have an expensive memory card but you can’t even used its maximum performance. But with Apacer AM530 USB 3.0 Ultra-High Speed Card Reader, can solve your problem for your total digital performance, and can maximize your memory card capabilities, with trendy and elegance style on the outside.

Technical Specifications AM530 USB 3.0 Multi-slot Card Reader:

Interface USB1.1, USB2.0 and USB 3.0
Slot microSD microSD , microSDHC , M2
Memory Stick , Memory Stick Pro ,
Memory Stick Duo , Memory Stick
Pro Duo , Memory Stick MagicGate
Slot MS / MS Duo Memory Stick Pro MagicGate
Memory Stick Duo MagicGate
Memory Stick Pro Duo MagicGate
Memory Stick ROM
Slot Slot CF Compact Flash TypeI/II, Ultra II CF,
Extreme CF, Extreme III CF
Slot SD / MMC SD,SDHC, SDXC, Mini SD, Mini
SDHC*, MMC 4.0, MMCmobile*,
MMCplus, RS-MMC*,MMCmicro*
Slot xD xD, xD H type, xD M type
Transfer rate Max up to 5Gbps
OS Win 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7, Linux Kernel 2.4 or above
Mac OS X 10.3 or above (only USB 2.0)
Dimensions 73(L)*60(W)*12.5(H)mm

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