Antec Inc. Advance Cleaning Solutions for Electronics and Accessories

MANILA, Philippines – Antec, Inc., announced its Advance Cleaning Solutions products, specially formulated cleansers keep mobile devices, computer monitors, TVs, e-readers, electronics and more free of smudges, dirt, grime and even germs. The product includes three different types of cleaners:
100% Natural
3x Strength
Deep Cleaning Gel
All products comes with alcohol and ammonia free, this will keep your electronic devices or accessories fingerprint resistant, static and bacteria free.

Antec Technology Products – Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions
100% Natural cleaning solution
The cleaning solution cleans and protects devices with an ecologically-friendly formula. The wipes and 60mL spray are TSA-compliant and portable, perfect for on-the-go travelers.

Antec Technology Products – Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions









3X Strength cleaning solution
The cleaning solution has triple cleaning power that cleans, disinfects and protects devices with one formula. Another key feature is its non-drip formula that keeps the spray from running down your screen when applied. The wipes and 60mL spray are also TSA-compliant and perfect for portability for the on-the-go traveler.

Antec Technology Products – Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions






Deep Cleaning Gel solution
The gel solution offers maximum cleaning strength to effectively clean even the dirtiest of surfaces. The product is gel-based which allows it to get into small crevices to keep your products clean.

Product Application Suggestions:
Touchscreens: cell phones/smartphones, e-readers/tablets, GPS systems,
Screens: notebooks, netbooks, laptops, TVs (plasma, LCD, LED)
Controllers: video game controllers, remotes, mice, handheld projectors
Kitchen Appliances: blenders, mixers, microwaves, slow cookers
Wearables: sunglasses, eyeglasses, jewelry

Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions are now available at selected distributor, resellers, e-tailers and Octagon Computer Superstores.

Learn more information of Antec Advance Cleaning Solutions click here

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