Bluetooth Issue: When I turn on the Android Phone keeps on reboot or restart via Samsung Galaxy SII (SGH-I777)
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

Samsung Galaxy SII AT&T by Jcyberinux
Issue: A situation occurred to me, when I turn on the Bluetooth on my Android Phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) it keeps restart for many times.

Solution: (This solution might work on other Android Smartphones)

1. Clean the phone by a clean wipe and electronic contact cleaner. Sometimes, hidden dirts/sediments can cause the hardware/software to unstable or unresponsive.

Such areas like mics, back panel (usb card slots, battery slots and sim card slots), and micro usb cable slot.
Samsung Galaxy SII AT&T by Jcyberinux

Samsung Galaxy SII AT&T by Jcyberinux

Samsung Galaxy SII AT&T by Jcyberinux

2. You can try to Unpair all the unconnected/connected Bluetooth devices on your phone. First turn off the Bluetooth, then go to (SettingsWireless and NetworksBluetooth). From the list, unpair the necessary connected/unconnected bluetooth devices. Reboot your phone, then turn on the Bluetooth and see if the problem still persist.

3. Lastly, all you can do is to perform Factory data reset on your phone. Backup all the necessary data/files/contacts. (Note: Sometimes after the firmware upgrade or any app/software related installation maybe conflicted on the process on system, in this case, you may do factory data reset)

4. Make sure you do not accidentally long press the power button, it may trigger the restart of the phone.

5. Try to turn off the phone, and then remove the battery for at least 5 mins.

6. You can try to flash your phone via ClockworkMode Recovery. (For rooted phone only and has expertise on doing this) If it’s too risky for you, the only thing to do is to bring it to nearest service center.

Cheers! We hope this tip helps you out! 😀

(Disclosure: Samsung(Galaxy S2), Android OS, Applications Logo/Images/Pictures has a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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2 thoughts on “Android phone keeps on reboot when turning on the Bluetooth”
  1. My samsung galaxy s2 keeps turning off and then back on again. It only does this when i turn the bluetooth on, any ideas what to do?

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