Install and Use ChainFire3D to enhance/ improve the game performance of Android Games on your Android Smartphones
By: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a rjdreyes –

(Note: This walkthrough is tested on Alcatel One Touch Glory 918N, used this tutorial on your own risk, I’m not held responsible for any loss or damage it will do. Rooted Android Smartphones can only install ChainFire3D and ChainFire3D Pro, this tutorial provided with your responsibility that can void the warranty of your phone.)

Wifi Internet Connection Access

Root Android Smartphone (if your phone is Alcatel Glory OT-918N Follow this tutorial on How to Root it, click here)

*Disable any AntiVirus Software Installed on your phone, as noted, for some reasons; it blocks the operation on installation.

1. Set the Requirements needed. Connect on the Internet Access via Wifi. Root Android Smartphone needed on the operation of installation and activation of ChainFire3D. If you’re phone is rooted, proceed to step 2.

2. Install ChainFire3D, it’s completely FREE. At your Applications, go to Google Play Store formerly known as Android Market, (Note: It will ask for a gmail / google account, so make sure you have one ready.)

And also check if you’re Background Data is enabled, go to Settings then Applications then Accounts & sync, then from there, enable the checkbox of Background Data.

3. Now you’re in the Google Play Store, go to search and type ChainFire3D. This will give you the search results ChainFire3D, then from there, touch/tap it then Install. And wait until it finish.

4. After the Installation go to your Applications, then from there, touch/tap ChainFire3D, (Note: It will ask permission on root, so this means, you should have a rooted Android Smartphone, then Allow it to continue.).

5. On ChainFire3D, install CF3D Driver (touch/tap it), then head back to the ChainFire3D to select/configure Default OpenGL Settings.

On Default OpenGL Settings, you can select configuration you want, Reduce texture quality, Unroll textures, Reduce Texture size, etc… Just remember to read it then try to do some research first before applying any settings.

(Note: ChainFire3D Pro has other features or the upgraded version of ChainFire3D, maybe I will tackle this next time)

(Note: This not a guarantee that your Android Games/Applications will completely launch by doing this, and also if there is a success, consider also other factors such as lags and sluggish gameplay, this maybe the cause of the specifications of the phone.)

I hope this helps you out! 😀

FAQ: Why root Android Phones? Because to maximize the usage of the Android Smartphones. You can install custom ROMS, other Non-Market Apps, use ChainFire3D for better gaming experiences, V6 Supercharger, maximize usage of memory/RAM, etc… But it voids the warranty of the phone. 😀

(Note: Alcatel One Touch Logo/Images, ChainFire3D, and Android Games have a respective copyright. I used it for demonstration purpose only.)

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