How to know or track who unfollowed you on your Twitter or Instagram account? Check out these apps, that might solved your day.

JustUnfollow (for Twitter and Instagram)

Find your Twitter and Instagram unfollowers. You don’t need to wonder “who unfollowed me?” any longer. JustUnfollow is the ultimate Twitter and Instagram unfollow and follow tracker. We help you find those who unfollow you on twitter and Instagram, unfollow them back, see your new followers and follow them. This app quickly finds and displays all your Twitter and Instagram unfollowers. Whether you have 100 users who unfollowed you or 10,000, we will catch them and show them to you.

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(Some screenshots are from the JustUnfollow – Google Play Store)

The JustUnfollow is for completely free. This free version grants you access to all our features and lets you unfollow and follow users in the fastest way possible. You get to follow/unfollow up to 50 users per day for free on twitter and 60 users per hour for free on Instagram. In order to remove these limits or to add multiple twitter accounts to the same account, you can unlock these features within the app by clicking the ‘Upgrade’ option. You cannot remove the Instagram unfollow limits as that limit is set by Instagram but you can upgrade to be able to add multiple Instagram accounts.

Unfollowers for Twitter

The best Twitter unfollow follow tracker that lets you discover who unfollowed you or who doesn’t follow you back on Twitter. Get new insights about your Twitter accounts such as your mutual friends, fans, new followers and more with our intuitive, easy to use interface. Supports multiple accounts so that you can track your followers and unfollowers for all your twitter accounts in one single application.

Unfollowers for Twitter
Check its features (click here)


Unfollowers for TwitterUnfollowers for TwitterUnfollowers for TwitterUnfollowers for TwitterUnfollowers for Twitter

(Screenshots are from the Unfollowers for Twitter – Google Play Store)

This app is completely FREE. Try this app to track your unfollowers and followers

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  1. wow i didn’t know that i have followers/unfollowers in my twitter. thanks for this article, i’ve received updates via mobile app.

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