The Bigger, Faster, Affordable ALCATEL ONE TOUCH 995. For only 13,999 PHP. For More Power. More Entertainment. Way More Fun. Why pay more? Be Smart and Make a Choice! 😀
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The newest android phone from Alcatel OneTouch will be arriving soon in the Philippines! Sapphire 995, complete with its slender design and excellent features fit for the smart phone user.
ALCATEL one touch Sapphire 995 HD by Jcyberinux
Sapphire 995 has a very clear 4.3” high grade video array display fit for playing and recording high definition videos.  The large screen will surely give fun and satisfaction to its users upon watching without sacrificing the quality of the videos.  Aside from its superb screen, the phone also has a sleek look because of its slender shape that is less than 10mm thick.  Sapphire 995 has a polished lens and soft touch surface complete with a textured 3D molding battery cover to achieve the absolute sleek look.  This phone is perfect for its users who want a fully featured phone but with promising style.

A good looking phone will not be complete without its outstanding features.  Sapphire 995 is a smart phone complete with an Android 2.3 operating system and pre embedded apps.  This operating system helps the user in navigating the smart phone with just some touches away.
ALCATEL one touch Sapphire 995 HD by Jcyberinux
Imagine the convenience of being connected to devices like laptops and netbooks in just your mobile phone?  Its multiple idle screen and widgets makes it easier for the user to browse the net faster.  Downloading of apps for social networking and games is also limitless with its access to the android market. And speaking of games, better performance in a game is possible because of the G-sensor which makes it easier to win in a car race.  It is like using a game controller without tiring your thumbs after few rounds.

ALCATEL one touch Sapphire 995 HD by Jcyberinux
It also has a 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, smile and face detection which helps in giving quality images.  The quality images can be instantly shared to social networking sites through its wifi connectivity.  The capacitive touch of the phone also makes it easier to type a message or even to browse through photos.  Connectivity does not end in wifi and Bluetooth as Sapphire 995 can also be plugged to an HDMI for a surround video or game experience.  It is the premium lifestyle phone experience.
ALCATEL one touch Sapphire 995 HD by Jcyberinux
Sapphire 995 is so powerful because it is 3G+ and has a CPU speed of 1.4 GHz.  With this CPU speed, it is not a surprise that you can view word, excel, powerpoint and PDF and at the same time upload a video in YouTube.  Unlike other android phones, Sapphire HD 995 has a pre embedded 3D UI to make viewing and managing apps easier and faster.  The complete mobile and android experience all packed in one phone.  Given all these features, you can expect the pricing also gets that expensive but with Sapphire 995, you could get a phone for just 13,999.00—real value for your money!
ALCATEL one touch Sapphire 995 HD by Jcyberinux

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