How to Place or Add Alexa Banner Rank such as Alexa Site Stats, Traffic Rank, Traffic Graph Button in your Website or Blog

by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a – rjdreyes –

Placing your Alexa Traffic Widgets in you Website is easily.

1. Go to your web browser url, then type then press Enter.

2. Then at the home page, click Site Tools. This forwards you to url,

3. Then from there, click Alexa Site Widgets, this forward you to url,

Add Alexa Traffic Widgets in your Website

4. From there, select a widget you want or you can have it all in your case. 😀
Just type the following url or website address of website or blog. (For example:  Afterwards, click Build Widget.
Add Alexa Traffic Widgets in your Website

5. It will generate a HTML or Javascript code, copy it and paste it on your blog widgets or in your website.
Add Alexa Traffic Widgets in your Website
(For example: If you are using WordPress, you can go to Widgets, then at the Sidebar or Footer, just put the Text Widget, then inside the text widget put the generated Alexa Traffic Widget code. Save it and That’s it.) 😀

Refresh your website after you put the generated code, to see the results. 😀

I hope this helps you out! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Add Alexa Traffic Widgets in your Website”
  1. thank you. I have just put it now by reading your guideline, but my alexa rank is not good. if u can plz suggest any inexpensive way to increase my rank.

    1. How there niloy,
      For your question, make a relevant backlinks, also i suggest to join in forums and share your website to others. Make plenty of unique post, that includes your original content. 😀
      however i should also ask you what type or category of blog or website you have? maybe from there, we can see the problem. (such as tags and keywords)

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