How to Install, Activate and Configure, 404 Notifier WordPress Plugin to notify 404 page hits thru your Email Address
by: Revengsky Joseph D. Reyes (a.k.a. rjdreyes –

Log 404 (file not found) errors on your site and get them delivered to you via e-mail or RSS.
If you’ve decided to move things around on your site, you might overlook a few redirects and end up with some broken URLs. This will help you catch those so you can take care of them.
404 Notifier by Alex King

(Note : By doing this, I expected you have an internet connection and your own webhost or webserver on your localhost)

1. Login to your WordPress Administrator Account, to your Dashboard, go to Plugins then click Add New.

2. Click on Search, then type your desire plugins name, keyword, tag or author. Select Author then type the keyword or term 404 Notifier, then click Search Plugins, it will show you relevant or exact search results.
404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin

3. Find the 404 Notifier (I think it will be the first result), then click Install Now, to install the chosen plugin. The dialog prompt ask you to confirm to install the plugin, then click OK, to install it.

4. Then message will follow, installing plugin, then message that the plugin is successfully installed. Then you can click on Return to Plugin Installer to install another plugin or Activate the plugin you currently installed. You can click Installed Plugins and find 404 Notifier to activate it.
404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin


5. Download 404 Notifier by Alex King click here.

6. After you successfully download the zip file, go to your Cpanel Account, then File Manager, then browse to your wordpress folder then to the plugins folder. (As for example : wordpress/wp-content/plugins).
404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin

7. From there, upload the zip file, extract the file(, after the extraction, delete the zip file then head back to your WordPress account, then go to Plugins then click Installed Plugins. Find 404 Notifier to activate it.
404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin

8. After the activation, go to Settings then click 404 Notifier. From there, click / check the Enable mail notifications on 404 hits. Then type your corresponding email address were the 404 hit error pages will be begin to notify you thru email. Never mind the RSS Feed just leave it as default. Then click to Update 404 Notifier Settings to save it.
404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin
404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin

If you don’t want to used it anymore, you can deactivate it anytime.

404 Notifier for WordPress Plugin
(For more questions, visit FAQ)

That’s it. Hopefully this helps you out 🙂

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